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Sexy Saturday Sale!

Published July 16, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope your weekend is going well. I’m trying to catch up with some writing, but in the meantime, I have a sale on this week! Love Reawakened is just 0.99 – check out the excerpt below.


witch 2A warm glow curled in her chest at his words. She didn’t remember him ever really thanking her for anything before. “You’re welcome. Thank you for being willing to help me out of this mess.”

He grinned at her. “Hey, it’s my pleasure. It’s not all been horrendous.”

She managed a weak smile back, but all she could see in her mind was the stunning voodoo priestess with her tongue down his throat. Yeah, he was just having a ball, wasn’t he?

“What’s wrong, Emma?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she muttered. “I better go to bed.”

He reached out and took her arm. “It’s not nothing. What’s upset you?”

She scowled at him. “I am not upset. I am just apparently not having as much fun today as you are.”

He was frowning now as well. “What is that supposed to mean? You dragged me in on this. I’ve just been trying to help.”

“Yeah, and it’s been just awful for you hasn’t it, having to put up with gorgeous women jumping you!”

“Well, I don’t know if you quite jumped me, but I suppose since I was almost incapacitated at the time…”

Emma’s face flamed and anger surged through her. “You know damn well I wasn’t talking about me. That woman was all over you, and I didn’t see you exactly complaining about it!”

His eyes widened. “This is about Carisa? That’s what you’re upset about?” He started laughing, and Emma lost the last vestige of her control. Wrenching her arm free, she slammed her fist into his uninjured arm, causing a surprised grunt, and turned on her heel.

“You are a jackass, and I’m going to bed!”

Love Reawakened 3She managed to take two steps before he grasped her again, whirling her around. His lips came down on hers, fierce and demanding, and to her disgust, it took less than ten seconds before she’d stopped struggling and opened her mouth for him. Christ, what was wrong with her? She was furious right now, but all he had to do was touch her and she went up in flames. His tongue plunged deep, possessively, and his arm around her waist crushed her closer. Giving up, she kissed him back just as fiercely, her hand sliding in his hair and her nails digging into his back through his t-shirt. When he pulled back a few inches, they were both breathing heavily.


If you’re not convinced yet, it also has zombies, magic, a witch, a rather ‘ahem’ yummy necromancer and a zombie cat – prizes if you can guess its name! Just what the doctor ordereed for the weekend, and now at a bargain price 😉

You can get your hands on a copy here:

Amazon: viewBook.at/LoveReawakened

Take care x

Wednesday WIP

Published June 29, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope your week’s been going well. Mine’s been a busy one and looks like that’s going to continue. Last day at my old job today (yay!) but still fully booked up for the rest of the week – not to mention I have a release out! Speaking of… today’s excerpt is from Love Reawakened, which yup, is re-releasing tomorrow. I’m very excited, so hope you enjoy 🙂


350px-Creatures-Voodoo_priestessGarret dropped her hand to knock on the front door, and when it swung effortlessly open, he stepped inside, with a brief glance back. Emma nodded at him and followed him down a short corridor into a spacious, airy living room. The modern theme followed through here. Spotless, it was like something out of an interior design magazine, the sort of house that looked stunning but you wondered how anyone lived there comfortably. Emma glanced around for any sign of the occupant.

Instead, the only sign of life was a black cat padding silently into the room. For some reason, it made her feel a little more comfortable. Of course, crazy people could still have pets, but somehow, if someone liked animals, they didn’t seem quite as bad.

“Here, kitty.” She crouched down, clicking her tongue.

The cat lazily changed direction to head for her. Emma was reaching down to pet it, when it turned its head, and she jumped back with a shriek. One side of the animal was sleek and normal while the other had several large patches where the skin was hanging off. The animal looked up at her curiously with one bright green eye and one faded milky one.

“Shit! What the hell is it?” she asked Garret.

“Zombie cat.” His tone was bland, but he gazed down at the creature with a look of slight disapproval.

A low, feminine voice rang out from the doorway, making them both whirl around. “Now, now, Garret, you know his name is Mittens. You’ll hurt his feelings talking like that.”

Take care x

Walker Wednesday – 21/10/15

Published October 21, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

It’s Wednesday, we’re half way through the week (yay) which means it must be time for some more zombie facts.

350px-Creatures-Voodoo_priestessSince I have a voodoo priestess in my own novel, I ended up doing a lot of research into the religion, the rites and beliefs, especially concentrating on the original Vodou, which originated in the Caribbean and was brought to Europe with the West African slaves. Vodouisants believe in a single supreme God called Bondye, but since he is supreme and therefore beyond the reach of mere mortals, they pray to lesser entities called loa, who can intercede. These loa or spirits are all associated with different areas, and they are considered to be distinct beings with their own personalities, likes and dislikes. The vodou practitioners will try to serve them by special rituals, songs and dances, as well as providing personalised gifts and items for each loa.


One of the most famous loa is Baron Samedi, the loa of the dead. He is usually shown with a top hat, sunglasses and frequently smoking a cigar, with a glass of rum in hand. The Baron is considered somewhat notorious (which is quite impressive for a spirit being!) with his outrageous behaviour, swearing, drinking, smoking and womanising – despite being married to another loa, Maman Brigitte. The Baron is usually found in the invisible world of the vodou spirits, at the crossroads of the living and the dead. He is the one who meets a persons soul after they die and leads them to the underworld. Since he is the only one who can accept a soul into the realm of the dead, he is also considered the loa of resurrection and is called upon for healing and help by those who are ill or close to death.

Baron Samedi’s powers are especially strong when it comes to breaking curses or stopping black magic. He can also ensure that corpses stay in the ground and can’t be brought back as a zombie. He will generally ask for something in return though, and like all the loa he can be capricious and the price can depend on his mood. It could be a simple gift, such as food, cigars or drink, a small gesture of respect like wearing certain clothes or bringing a sacred object. On the other hand he could ask for a complex vodou ceremony for him to cross into this world.


Baron Samedi has been an enduring figure and influence throughout literature, film and even music right up the present day – in films as diverse as James Bond Live and Let Die and Disney’s Princess and the Frog, in tv shows such as Supernatural, Mighty Boosch and Heroes, and even in video games like World of Warcraft and Saints Row.


Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s facts. Take care x

Walker Wednesday – 30/09/15

Published September 30, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Now, I know I usually do Wolf Wednesday, but since it’s almost October and I’m preparing for the release of my zombie-themed book, I thought we might do something a little spookier for the next few weeks 🙂 We all know about zombies from books, movies and tv (anyone else anxiously waiting on the return of The Walking Dead?) but there’s a lot we don’t know – such as where the legends came from and some extra facts on the best way to survive in a zombie outbreak (hey, there was a blood moon this week – end of the world is apparently coming doncha know!). So, let’s start at the beginning 🙂

haitiThe modern idea of zombies is thought to have started in West African tribes and then traveled with captured slaves to Haiti, where it grew in belief. In Haitian folklore, zombies were classed as being dead people who were revived by dark magic (or necromancy) by bokors. These were dark sorcerers or priests and the raised corpse was completely under their control, their own personal slave, and could have been raised for various reasons such as revenge, power, or even cheap labour.

There is also a Haitian legend of an ‘astral zombie’, which was an incorporeal being considered to be a part of the human soul that was captured by the bokor in order to enhance their powers. They would even sell ‘bottled’ spirits to people for things such as luck or healing. It was believed that eventually God would take back the soul so the entrapment was only a temporary effect.

olde zombiesOne of the big beliefs of Haitian Voodoo was soul dualism. Therefore both these different types of zombies were only half whole – they were either missing the flesh or the spirit.

The Haitians also believe that feeding salt to a zombie would free it (possibly linked to the belief that salt could protect against dark magic). This didn’t mean the zombie would come back to life, but that it would be free from the bokor’s control and return to its grave.

The Haitians also had laws against the making of zombies, including one that states that if someone is drugged, buried alive and then dug up and revived, it is still classed as murder.

white zombieHaitian beliefs on zombies first came to notice in the Western world with William Seabrook’s book, The Magic Island (1929), which later inspired the first zombie movie, White Zombie (1932). This was also the first independent horror film to star horror icon Bela Lugosi.