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Tuesday Catch Up

Published September 13, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, first I guess I should apologise for the lack of posts lately. 2016-05-11-1462971004-479389-writerUnfortunately real-life has been kicking my ass. I won’t go into too many details, but just been feeling rather down and fed-up which makes it a bit harder to ‘switch on’ the creative side. Still, it happens sometimes and we get through it x

Anyway, onto more positives! Had a lovely weekend catching up with family and things are slowly picking up this week. Back on edits and should get the next book over to my editor in the next few days. Am just working on those last little tweaks – and of course, de-Britishing it lol! My heroine is suppose to American but since I’m obviously not, all sorts of British terms and phrases tend to automatically pour out when I’m just getting the story down – and then need to be ruthlessly cut out in edits! It’s a tricky process sometimes, and while I love you Americans then sometimes you don’t just have good substitutes for certain words and phrases 😉 I think for my next one I definitely need a British main character then I can happily go nuts with the UK words lol.

gray-wolfOnce I get this off for edits then should hopefully be able to get back to writing (well, and the other one I need to edit). I also have a cover almost finished, which I am loving – shall share soon and hopefully you’ll agree 🙂

Hope you all have a great week. Take care x

Saturday Sale – Free Fairy Tale Romance Read!

Published July 23, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope your weekend is off to a good start 🙂 I’m relieved the heat is coming down slightly here (though I’m sure many of my readers across the pond are mildly amused at us Brits melting in what is probably ‘might need a sweater’ weather fot them lol!). Anyway I’m in a good mood – and we’re having a sale! Scarlett Legacy is free on Amazon for this weekend only.

What if the fairy tales were true – but they had it all wrong? Scarlett Legacy is a fairy tale inspired romance, with a Big Bad Wolf you really won’t want to miss! Here’s a teaser.

SL Promo

His body was like something out of a magazine, or like the Greek statues at the museums she’d been to for tedious fundraisers. Bronzed skin covered sculpted muscles with a dusting of hair leading down into his pants—which, oh Christ, were coming off as well! She closed her eyes a moment, and then couldn’t help herself and had to peek. So much for wondering whether he was going to keep on his underwear as he wasn’t wearing any. He seemed completely comfortable in his nakedness, and when he bent over to neatly place his clothes on the rock she had to clench her hands to restrain from reaching out to that tight ass. Jeez, you could market that! He turned back to meet her gaze and her cheeks flamed at the knowing amusement in his eyes. Before her fuddled brain could even start to think of something to say, he leaned forward and brushed a quick, hard kiss across her lips.

“Don’t worry. You have the exact same effect on me,” he whispered to her and then stepped back. “See you in there,” he told her with a grin, before turning and jumping off the rock straight into the shining water.

sl rough 4

Convinced yet? 😉 Check it out now here:

Remember, it’s only free for the weekend, so don’t miss out!

Take care x

Sexy Saturday

Published June 18, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope your weekend’s off to a good start! I’ve been having a slightly frazzling week, so glad to reach weekend and have a chance to put my feet up (well , put my feet up with the laptop on my knee at least lol). Since it’s Saturday I’m sharing an excerpt and this is from Scarlett Legacy. Edits on book 2 are coming along well, can’t wait to share with you all. But in the meantime, hope you enjoy this snippet 🙂


WolfDamian’s jaw clenched as he watched her amble through the woods, seemingly lost in her own world and paying no attention to any possible dangers. He lifted his head, breathing in deeply to take in her scent on the drifting breeze. While he’d been expecting a reaction it still hit him like a sucker punch in his gut. His stomach clenched and his body hardened.

His inner beast was already raging at him. The burning need to mark her, to possess her, rising up within like a force of nature but he grit his teeth and forced it down. He was not some undisciplined pup unable to control himself. Years of leading his people had driven into him patience and control above all else.

Instead, he forced himself to stay hidden for now, easily keeping pace with her. She was exactly as he’d always imagined—dark curls flowed down her back and framed delicate features, high cheekbones, and huge dark eyes with thick lashes. Everything about her drew him in, but he’d waited too long to rush things now.

When he’d first sensed her, that indescribable pull that couldn’t be anything else, he’d thought he was going crazy. He’d given up hope long ago, and yet there she was, walking through his woods as though she’d always been meant to be there.

sl rough 4He watched as she paused, looking around her with confusion on her face. She turned in a slow circle, her brow furrowed, and her teeth biting into her lush bottom lip. She was lost, he realized. Well, that was just perfect. His teeth bared in a wicked smile, he could go and “rescue” her. She would think he was Prince Charming when actually he was the big bad wolf.

You can find Scarlett Legacy on Amazon now:

Take care x

My Sexy Saturday 11/06/16

Published June 11, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂 I’m joining in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop today – and this excerpt is from my fairy-tale inspired romance, Scarlett Legacy. Hope you enjoy x


castle5The length of the huge room was lit with glowing candle-bulbs, set in wall scones that seemed to float near the ceiling. Mirrors lined the walls, reflecting and multiplying the dozens of dancing couples. Music from a string ensemble floated on the air, and she smelled the mingling scents of incense and mulled wine. As she stared in complete wonder, feeling like she was in a cross between a fairytale and a regency novel, Sophie nudged her yet again. Really, the woman was getting a little pushy. She’d been quite happy in her own little fairytale imaginings.

When she glanced over, the young woman was gazing at her with amused expectation and nodding toward the bottom of the curved staircase. Natalia’s breath caught in an entirely different way, heat flooding through her. Damian stood at the bottom of the stairs. The only adjective that came to mind was ‘dashing’. He wore a formal tux, the material tailored perfectly to his toned body, the crisp white shirt setting off his tanned skin and the dark unruly hair that just brushed the collar. A glittering pin held his deep red cravat in place. It glowed in the light and looked extremely expensive. The look of utter appreciation that filled his amber eyes as he stared at her made her legs shaky and heat run down her spine.

Her feet didn’t seem to want to move and she needed yet another nudge to start down the long staircase. It seemed to last forever, but then he was taking her hand in his warm one, and somehow the fact that it was still as rough and calloused as it had been in the woods centered her. He smiled at her.

“You look stunning, Natalia. You put every woman here to shame with the light of your beauty.”

She found herself smiling back. From most people, such a compliment would seem contrived or completely over the top, but the complete sincerity in his voice told her he meant every word.

“Thank you,” she murmured. “You clean up pretty good yourself.”

couple“May I?” He gestured toward the dancing couples and she nodded, though not without some trepidation. She hadn’t been lying when she said she wasn’t much of a dancer.

She shouldn’t have worried, since her partner had obviously done this before. He skillfully twirled her around the floor, his arm securely around her waist in case she mis-stepped. Natalia felt as though she was flying, as her feet carried her gracefully around the floor. Her skirts swirled around her, making her feel ridiculously feminine. She could feel the heat of his body, his hand secure in hers, and the sense of rightness only grew. When the song stopped, her cheeks were flushed, but she could have stayed in that moment forever.


sl rough 4Blurb

What if the fairy tales were not only real, but had it all wrong? Come meet a Big Bad Wolf like you’ve never seen before.

When Natalia rents a holiday cottage she is looking for peace and quiet, a place to reassess her life and recover from her failed relationship. Instead she finds a man who turns her world upside down.

However, people and things are not as they seem, and Natalia begins to find that legends are real and fairy tales have a basis in reality. As she grows closer to the enigmatic Damian she finds herself tested as danger and passion go in hand in hand, and everything she thought she knew about the world will be questioned.

After years of waiting Damian had given up hope that he would ever find his destined mate, and he certainly never expected her to be a sassy American who has no idea that his world even exists. Can he convince Natalia to believe in the impossible, and more importantly, can he protect her from those who seek to destroy his people.

You can find Scarlett Legacy on Amazon here:

Take care x


Wednesday WIP

Published June 8, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Here we are on Hump Day 😉 Hope you’re having a good week so far. Mine has been a bit up and down, busy and tiring at work but meeting a friend tonight for a wee catch-up and possibly some cocktails – so can’t complain at that! Since it’s mid-week, I thought I’d share a teaser from my current WIP. This is just going into next round edits now so hopefully should have a release date for you soon. The response from my wonderful beta readers has been awesome so far 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


wolves-and-werewolves-fire-and-ice-the-wolf-pack-23828159-240-320Niko cursed as pain shot through his body. Goddamn it! He hated being helpless. Damian was holding him up on one side, and when he staggered another arm went round his waist and a slight form fitted herself under his arm. He didn’t need to turn to know who it was. He could tell from the scent, floral shampoo, Chanel perfume and something light and earthy that was purely her. This had been a bad idea, the scent was going to get into his house and he’d never get rid of it.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t make his cock twitch every time he caught a fucking whiff of it. If he’d been young and not quite so cynical he would have thought it was the scent of his mate, but then he’d been caught out once before on that. He could only assume it must be because she was related to Iyana. Even thinking her name caused him to flinch and deflated his erection beautifully. Yeah, that must be it. Because she was related to the heartless woman who actually had been his mate, before leaving him without looking back, there must be some kind of genetic chemistry. It was awkward, and definitely uncomfortable, but he would live with it. He had to, there was no other option.

Natalia fussed around them, fluffing up pillows and moving tables back out of his way. With the two others aiding him he managed to collapse into his chair, not quite holding back the grunt of pain as he did so. Damn it, he was weaker than he’d thought. He had been genuinely convinced that the doctor was over-reacting, that a day or two maybe with a nurse and he would be fine on his own. Based on the effort required just to get through the fucking door though, he might have to re-think things.

“Here, take these.” Her soft voice feathered down his spine and it was an effort to get his body under control again. He was seriously not going to be sporting wood in front of the pack leader and his mate.

bfsgraywolf1Looking up she was holding out a glass of water and a handful of tablets. He took the glass gingerly.

“What are they?” He eyed the pills a little suspiciously.

“Pain-killers, which it looks like you need right now, antibiotics to speed up the healing. That’s what you want, right?”

There was a challenge in her eyes, and he grunted crabbily at her, snatching the pills and downing them all with the water. Bratty little girl. If he’d been feeling better he’d have made her pay for that. Ways of doing that flashed into his mind and he bit back the groan that was threatening to rise up. This had been a terrible idea, having her in his house, around him all the time, was pretty much going to amount to torture.


Aww, do we feel sorry for him? 😉 Lol, hope the rest of your week goes well – take care x

Tuesday Catch Up

Published May 24, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

So, we haven’t had a catch-up for a while – hope you’re all doing well 🙂 It’s been busy busy over here. I have a new day job – as some of you know I’ve been looking for one for a while as the old one was getting me seriously stressed out! At the moment though I’m doing both jobs while the old one finds someone else – I know, I’m too nice to them lol! Hopefully that won’t be too long though and then can settle in the new one properly.

images1While the two jobs hasn’t left as much time for new writing, I have been managing to get on with the editing for book 2 in my wolves series. It’s gone out to my wonderful beta readers this week! This is always a stressful part for me. No matter how many books you do, the first time you put something out there for other people to read is always slightly scary – there’s always that little voice at the back of your head that says they’re all going to hate it! Fingers crossed that’s not going to be the case 🙂

Anyway, I better get back to it. Take care x

A to Z Challenge – S is for Superstitions

Published April 23, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

blackwolfThe eagle-eyed may have noticed that the letter S post should have gone up yesterday – yup I’m a day behind. It’s been a slightly chaotic week but hopefully after the shift today I have a nice lazy day tomorrow 🙂 Today though we’re talking superstitions around wolves. The wolf has been feared and persecuted by man probably more than any other animal, and only it’s intelligence and resilience has saved it from complete extinction. Yet has the wolf really done much to deserve this history and fearsome reputation?

The Black Plague, which devastated Europe in the Middle Ages, may explain much of the strained dynamic between wolves and humans. With corpses stacking up way faster than they could be buried or burned, it was only natural that wolves would gather at the edges of cities to feast on the dead. In doing so, whole generations developed a taste for human flesh and likely began viewing us as prey items. No doubt horrified, the highly superstitious people began spinning tales, contributing to already prevalent beliefs of werewolves, vampires, and ghouls.

wolf eyesWhile Pre-Christian and Pagan warriors wore wolf pelts to symbolise ferocity and to channel the spirit of the wolf, in Christian Europe it was believed that the wolf was either created by the devil or the actual devil in disguise. Ironically despite this wolf teeth or pelts were said to ward off evil. As well as wrapping someone in wolf skins to cure epilepsy or rabies, rubbing wolf’s teeth on an infant’s gums to alleviate toothache and teething pains, sleeping with a wolf’s head under the pillow to stop nightmares or insomnia and eating wolf’s meat to prevent ghosts haunting the person. With all these various body parts being in common use, it’s no wonder the poor wolf was nearly hunted to extinction! Hopefully we have a little more sense today and can appreciate this beautiful animal all in one piece.


Take care x

Guest Author McKayla Schutt with Shifting Tactics (Part One)

Published April 22, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Finally weekend, yay! And it’s off to a good start as I have the fab McKayla Schutt visiting 🙂 McKayla is a very talented paranormal romance author, and a fellow wolf shifter fan – which seems appropriate during our A to Z wolfie month! She’s here to chat about her latest release, Shifting Tactics.

So, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

I am a stay at home mom with a little boy and little girl, two dogs and a husband of four years. I like to write Paranormal Romance books about the werewolves that take over my dreams.

Sounds like you have interesting dreams 😉 Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

Not that I can pin-point.

Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

To me this question is a good joke…*giggle* I have two kids under the age of four right now, if I had a routine it would be to sit down and write. It’s always easier to get stuff done when they are asleep but alas some days they wear me out.

Hehe, sounds like a chaotic household, am amazed you squeeze any writing in! Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

I like to do the Paranormal Romance, I started getting into reading about Vampires for a while but then it shifted to Werewolves. That interest translated into my writing.

Yup, must admit to a fondness for wolves myself 🙂 Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

I like to read Decadent Kane and Ariel Marie they both are able to bring sexiness into their romance.

Ooh, I do love Decadent’s elf books! What five things could you never do without?

That would be my pepsi, my phone, my kids, my lovely husband and last my kindle. I love to read.

Tell us a bit about your new release.

Today is actually release day for Shifting Tactics Part One. It is about a woman who falls in love with two, yes I said two, alphas. One of the twists, these alphas are totally brothers. Oscar and Rift are just sexiness in their own rights. Add some rogues and we have a sexy romance with some problems.

Hehe, trouble the sexy alpha trouble – sign me up! Where did your inspiration for it come from?

I was reading a book about two alphas and then I had a few dreams about Oscar and Rift fighting over the same woman.

What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

I loved exploring the relationship between all three characters and making sure Oscar didn’t take over. He is just like that.

What was the hardest part about writing it?

I would say the hardest part was making sure it was long enough at first.

Who’s your favorite character in it? (I know, I know, favoritism!)

I would have to say Scarlet would be my favorite since I can’t choose between the sexy alphas. 😉

Lol, well we can’t blame you there 🙂 Just in case anyone’s not convinced yet, why should we run out and buy it right now?

If you like sexy romance books then you will like Shifting Tactics Part One. It will keep you reading till you want more.


What happens when two Alphas imprint with one female?

Scarlet had no intention of losing herself to another man, one ex-husband was enough. But when a rogue wolf lays his sights on her, two Alphas come to her rescue. Seems fate had plans for Scarlet and gave her two mates instead of one. Her job as a female pack leader is simple, all she has to do is give up her independence, mate, and make babies. How will she deal with two wolves and her responsibilities, when her independence is the one thing she had managed to gain for herself?

Rift and Oscar run one of the local wolf packs. Together they have found a way to stay in charge and keep the peace. But with rogue wolves on the loose and new werewolf laws coming in from Congress, their peaceful pack might come undone. Find out more in Shifting Tactics-Part One.

And you can get your hands on a copy here:

Amazon –


Take care x


A to Z Challenge – P for Puppies

Published April 19, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope you’re having a good week, and here’s some cuteness to make it a little better 🙂 Today we’re talking wolf puppies – they always make me smile anyway!

Wolf pups are born blind and deaf, depending completely on their mother and other members of the pack.
cute baby wolf

All the wolves in a pack help take care of the pups. When the pups are very small, other pack members bring food to the mother so she does not have to leave the den. When they are a little bigger, pack members “take turns” bringing them food, playing with them and even “baby sitting.” Once the pups are about eight weeks old, they leave the den and start using “rendezvous sites.” These are meeting places where the wolves gather to sleep, play and just “hang out.” Until the pups are around seven months old, and able to start hunting with the rest of the pack, they stay at the rendezvous site. Often, one of the adult wolves stays with the pups to watch over them.

baby wolves


Most wolf pups are born with blue eyes, which gradually change to a yellow-gold color by eight to sixteen weeks, though sometimes their eyes can change color much later. Occasionally, a mature wolf will be found with blue eyes.


cute wolf

I really love the strong social and family bonds shown by wolf packs, and wanted this to come across in Scarlett Legacy. Plus, there’s definitely going to be more details on wolf pups in the later books!

Scarlett Legacy is on sale at Amazon now.

Amazon link

Take care x


A to Z Challenge – O for Omega

Published April 18, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

wolvesWell, it’s a new week and the month is just speeding by! Today we’re on the letter O and I must admit this is one I scratched my head a bit over. We have touched on wolf hierarchy earlier in the month, with the alpha male and female at the top. Under the alphas will be the betas – the seconds in command. Wolves at these level may be strong backup for the alpha, or they may try and challenge for leadership (this is going to come up a bit more in book 2 of my wolves series!). But underneath the beta, on the bottom rung of the hierarchy is the omega wolf.

omegaThe omega wolf is generally the last to feed at a pack kill, they are submissive to all in the pack, often receiving constant nips, bites and attacks by other pack members. They are the scapegoat for all that goes wrong, and it would appear to be a rather miserable life for them. However, the omega is seen to play an important role in the pack. They act as a kind of social glue, allowing the pack members to vent frustration without starting actual full-on fights which could threaten the pack structure and security. The omega is always often the ‘joker’ of the pack, trying to get the other members to play or generally clowning around – again as a means to release pent-up tension.

There are two ways out for the omega wolf. They can fight their way up to a stronger and more respected position in the pack, or they can leave altogether and strike out as a ‘lone wolf’. It has actually been observed that packs who have lost their omega can sometimes enter in a period of mourning, where the entire pack stops hunting and lies around looking miserable.

images1When writing about wolves I was considering whether to include an omega or not. Although it is often a part of actual wolf hierarchy, I must admit I thought it seemed a little cruel. Nature is often is cruel but I had to think that would my wolves with their added human element still participate in something like that? In the end I decided not to have it, one of the many things you need to think about when researching this kind of world!

Take care x