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Tuesday Catch-Up

Published July 26, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

2016-05-11-1462971004-479389-writerHow’s your week going? Mine is hectic already – hence me being a day late with this post! I’ve decided to put a submission in for the Carina Press proposals call-out, so have been panic polishing and rewriting some chapters for that to get in by tomorrow. I’m also still working on my novella for a publisher submission call, and while it’s coming along the deadline is also looming rather close 🙂 Not to mention edits whenever I get a free minute!

I’m hoping to get on track by weekend as I have friends visiting and am looking forward to seeing them. Then next weekend, flying visit back to England for a wedding. Lots of fun, but also slightly adding to the deadline panic 😉

Wolves_wolf_great_wallpapers_for_your_deskopA big thank you to all who shared my free read at weekend – some great numbers so hope you grabbed your copy, and if you did that you actually like it now! I’m also working on my shiny new newsletter. It’s going to have lots of fun updates, free short reads, special offers, bonus content and basically anything else I can think of to throw in there! If you haven’t signed up already, the link is here:

Your email address is never shared with anyone else, and absolutely no spam! I hate it too, would never inflict that on you 🙂

Have a good week. Take care x

Saturday Sale – Free Fairy Tale Romance Read!

Published July 23, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope your weekend is off to a good start 🙂 I’m relieved the heat is coming down slightly here (though I’m sure many of my readers across the pond are mildly amused at us Brits melting in what is probably ‘might need a sweater’ weather fot them lol!). Anyway I’m in a good mood – and we’re having a sale! Scarlett Legacy is free on Amazon for this weekend only.

What if the fairy tales were true – but they had it all wrong? Scarlett Legacy is a fairy tale inspired romance, with a Big Bad Wolf you really won’t want to miss! Here’s a teaser.

SL Promo

His body was like something out of a magazine, or like the Greek statues at the museums she’d been to for tedious fundraisers. Bronzed skin covered sculpted muscles with a dusting of hair leading down into his pants—which, oh Christ, were coming off as well! She closed her eyes a moment, and then couldn’t help herself and had to peek. So much for wondering whether he was going to keep on his underwear as he wasn’t wearing any. He seemed completely comfortable in his nakedness, and when he bent over to neatly place his clothes on the rock she had to clench her hands to restrain from reaching out to that tight ass. Jeez, you could market that! He turned back to meet her gaze and her cheeks flamed at the knowing amusement in his eyes. Before her fuddled brain could even start to think of something to say, he leaned forward and brushed a quick, hard kiss across her lips.

“Don’t worry. You have the exact same effect on me,” he whispered to her and then stepped back. “See you in there,” he told her with a grin, before turning and jumping off the rock straight into the shining water.

sl rough 4

Convinced yet? 😉 Check it out now here:

Remember, it’s only free for the weekend, so don’t miss out!

Take care x

Thursday Tall Tales – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Part Two

Published January 21, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, we’re creeping towards weekend. It’s a free read day, so I’m sharing part two of my short read, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? If you’ve read Scarlett Legacy you may recognise the back story. Hope you enjoy 🙂


blackwolfScarletta’s eyes briefly closed in pure relief. “Please, let her go. She’s an old woman; she hasn’t done anything to deserve being harmed.”

He smiled, and it wasn’t a nice smile. “It is our way, as it has been for generations.”

“People can change though!” she said, desperately, “You don’t need to do something just because that’s how your ancestors did it!”

He gazed at her a long moment. A shiver went down her spine, and it was only part fear.

“Even if I did agree with you, the old woman is pack property now. I hold this pack by force and strength. We give nothing away for free.”

Panic was setting in now. “Well, what if it wasn’t for free? What if I gave you something else instead?”

Something dark and dangerous flashed across his face and she took an involuntary step back. He smiled again and this time she saw the tips of his fangs peek out.

“You,” he said.

“Excuse me?” She blinked, her mind refusing to process.

“That is what I will take in exchange for your grandmother’s safety and release. You will take her place.”

Scarletta flinched, but she’d known what she was getting into when she’d come here. Her eyes squeezed shut but she forced herself to nod in agreement. A light touch made her jump and as her eyes flew open he tilted her chin with one finger to meet that deep amber gaze.

“I want to hear you say it.” There was a dangerous note in his voice and his eyes held her captive.

“I swear that if you let my grandmother go unharmed that I will take her place.”

packHe nodded once and released her so quickly that she felt her knees sag. She was vaguely aware of him shouting sharp commands and of the other men scurrying to follow them but she was struggling to focus past the rising terror of her own thoughts. This was how her life was going to end. She was never going to have her own home, or family, or see anything of the world outside of her little village. She knew her grandmother would be furious at the choice she had made, but then she would have done the same thing if the situation had been reversed. Her arm was taken in a hard grip, and she knew who it was by the heat that coursed through her, a brand on her skin. She forced herself to raise her head, meet his gaze. She didn’t want to die as a coward.

“When are you going to kill me?”

He smiled. “I didn’t say anything about killing you.”

Bewilderment filled her eyes as she stared at him and he leaned down, bending over her. His hot breath on her neck sent shivers running through her and his voice dropped until it was barely above a raspy growl.

“You’re mine now.”


What do you think? I had originally left it there, but am thinking of possibly expanding it. If you’d be interested in reading more then let me know 🙂

Take care x


Tuesday Teaser

Published January 19, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope you’re all having a good start to the week. I’m excited because I should be getting to try Hobbit food tonight – hehe, shall feed back tomorrow but it looks yummy 🙂 Anyway, it’s Tuesday, which means time for a teaser. This weeks is from my free read prequel Love Reawakened. Hope you enjoy 🙂


witch 2Garret leaned his hip against the side of the bar, his lips twitching as he watched her down another shot. For a little thing she sure could put them away. Her eyes met his and a smile spread across her face.

“You’re slacking. What’s up, can the big, bad necromancer not keep up with an itty bitty girl?”

She staggered slightly on the last words, and he quickly reached out, grasping her round the waist and supporting her against him. Her skin was warm and he could feel her soft curves leaning into him. Not a good idea. He grabbed his beer with his free hand, gulping it down. Maybe that would cool him down. Her head tilted up at him, her green eyes sparkling.

“You trying to cop a feel, sweetie? Don’t worry, I’m not exactly complaining.”

Garret sputtered on his beer. “No!” When she mock pouted at him, he found himself stuttering. “Not that you’re not… but we’re… look, I think maybe you’ve had enough.”

What the hell was wrong with him? He never got fucking tongue-tied around women, let alone little slips of girls where he was certainly not going to take advantage of a student/teacher relationship.

She was still grinning up at him. “I’m fine. I want to dance.”

Yeah, like that was a good idea when she was nearly falling over just propping up the bar! She was already heading towards the dance-floor though, half-dragging him behind her. Er, hell no!

He stopped dead, her body jerking back into him when she refused to let go of her death-grip on his wrist.

“I don’t dance,” he told her firmly.

For a moment she studied him, head tilted to one side. Then she shrugged and released his wrist. He was surprised at the pang that went through him at the loss of her touch.

“Your loss,” she laughed. “I’ll catch you later. Or if you actually want to stop being such a grouch and have some fun, come find me.”

Prequel Cover 3Before he could answer, she had turned, her hips blatantly swaying as she made her way to almost the dead-centre of the dance floor. Taking a few steps backwards, he leaned back against the bar, bringing the beer to his lips as he watched her. Arms raised, she twisted and twirled, her hips rolling to the music. The thin t-shirt rose up, baring the skin of her mid-drift and her hair swirled around her like a dark red cloud. It took all of about thirty seconds before she had drawn the eye of pretty much every guy in the room. He watched as the first one approached her. Her smile was light as she shook her head, but the first guy had barely stepped away before another one was there. He drained his bottle and slammed it back on the bar harder than needed. For fuck’s sake! He was definitely gonna regret this, but he couldn’t leave her to the wolves.


If you want to read more – it’s free! You can download at these links:


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


Thursday Tall Tales – Who’s Afraid of of the Big Bad Wolf? – Part One

Published January 14, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope you’re all having a great week. It seems to have sped by I must admit, I can’t believe it’s halfway through January already! I’m getting back to my Thursday Tall Tales, and since I’m writing about my wolves at the moment, this is part one of a short story going way back to their history (if you’ve read Scarlett Legacy, you may have got a quick glimpse of this). Anyway, hope you enjoy 🙂


fierce wolfScarletta’s hands shook as she adjusted the heavy wood-axe strapped across her back. It was a poor weapon against what she faced, but better than being completely unarmed. Her head held high, she walked with supreme confidence as she entered the clearing. Hopefully that might hide the fact that her heart felt like it was pounding out of her chest and her knees were knocking beneath the long cloak.

Their leader was instantly recognisable, standing almost a full head above the others and exuding an aura of complete confidence. She had the uncomfortable feeling that his wasn’t faked. Thick dark hair hung in shaggy locks almost to his shoulders, framing a frighteningly masculine face and eyes that burned an odd amber colour. Abruptly they fixed on her, pinning her to the spot as her breath caught in her throat and it was all she could do not to stumble. It was as though he was seeing straight inside her, that in that instant he knew everything about her and it was obvious she had no chance.

Drawing in a ragged breath, Scarletta forced her feet to keep moving. The others were starting to stand up now, the clearing filling with a low muttering dispersed with terrifying growls, but she didn’t dare stop. If she did she was afraid that she would run screaming in the opposite direction. Her feet carried her to the spot right in front of him and he rose slowly, fluidly to his feet, towering over her now as she gulped. A lazy smile crossed his face, though instead of warming his expression if anything it made him look more dangerous. To her surprise her stomach fluttered with something that had nothing to do with fear. Stupid girl, what the hell was she thinking? She was here for one reason only, and she was resigned to the fact that she probably wouldn’t make it back in one piece.

“Is there something I can help you with, little one?” the lazy drawl sent a shiver down her spine and for a moment she struggled to answer. “Perhaps you are lost?” there was a spark of amusement in his tone and anger gave her the backbone she needed.

red and wolf“No, I am not lost! You, and your pack here,” she gestured around her, “took an old woman from a cottage on the outskirts of the village. I’m here to get her back.”

For a moment surprise flashed across his face, then it was carefully back to the mask. “And what is she to you?” he asked quietly, dangerously.

She debated lying, but he would probably know anyway, “My grandmother.”

He shrugged, and her hackles rose at the cavalier gesture. “If she was taken, she is ours now. What makes you think she is even still alive?”

“It’s not the full moon until tomorrow. I know that’s when you normally kill them.”

Now he did look surprised, “Not many people know that about us.”

He paused as though expecting her to explain how she did. Scarletta simply stood there silently. It was none of his business and besides, she didn’t want too think too closely on where her information had come from. When she didn’t reply, he added.

“No matter then. Besides, it is not always the case. Sometimes they can get… carried away.”

Her stomach dropped, he was playing with her, she had to believe that. Her voice was tight as she asked. “Is she still alive or not?”

There was a long pause and just when she thought he wasn’t going to answer he nodded. “For now.”


Part Two will be up next week. Take care x

Saturday Sexy – Siren’s Call Part Two

Published December 5, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

You may have noticed I’ve been slightly absent this week. It’s been a busy one and have been on with a few photo things as well as just needing a little bit of time to switch off after a busy month in November. I promise I’ve haven’t forgotten about you though – and to hopefully make it up, here’s the second part of my new free read Siren’s Call. Be warned, this part has a few steamy bits in it 😉 If you missed part one, you can catch up here.

Really hope you enjoy – and have a good weekend x

551277_611683698885431_610288539_nIt was probably a dream anyway, he rationalized. There was no way he could be awake when the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen appeared naked and threw herself at him.

Somewhat comforted by the thought, he slid his hands down to cup her ass, pulling her against the straining hardness of his erection through his jeans. She pulled back slightly, and her fingers went to his zipper. Her cool hands pushed down his jeans as her fingers caressed his thighs and then stroked over his cock. She knelt in the sand before him. A half-smile curved her lips as she glanced up at him from under thick lashes before she leaned forward and took his length in her mouth.
Ciaran couldn’t stop the strangled groan escaping his lips. Yup, he was definitely dreaming! The warm wetness of her mouth engulfed him as her talented tongue swirled around the head. Her hands dug into his ass, urging him deeper; he felt his eyes roll back as he exploded in her mouth. She kept suckling, drawing every drop out of him before sitting back on her heels and gazing up at him. An oddly satisfied smile played on her lips, but Ciaran could feel embarrassment setting in.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered.

Her expression grew confused, and she rose smoothly to her feet. “Whatever for?”

“For, erm, you know…” He trailed off. “Going early.”

Her musical laugh washed over him. “Perhaps you should return the favor?”

Ciaran felt himself grinning as he pulled her toward him, covering her lips with his before nibbling and sucking a path down to her perfect breasts. She encouraged him with throaty moans, her hands in his hair urging him on as he went lower, laying her down in the sand to part her legs. He hadn’t done this much, but the taste of her was like honey on his tongue; he used her throaty moans and bucking movements to tell what she liked. When she cried out, her hips thrusting against him and her juices coating his tongue, he felt satisfaction run through him. Not to mention his body had recovered—probably more quickly than it ever had in his life.

He rose over her, his now-erect length probing between her legs. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, drawing him closer as he buried himself inside her. The slick walls of her channel wrapped around him and he groaned at the sensation. He tried to go slower, to act with more experience than he possessed, but she was writhing underneath him and his thrusts grew quicker and more urgent until she cried out beneath him. He felt her muscles contracting around him, shattering his control and throwing him into his own release. He collapsed on the sand beside her, his body drained, yet more sated than he could ever remember in his life.

“That was amazing,” he managed.

She gave a low laugh, half-rolling to pillow her head on his shoulder, her cool hand making lazy circles on his chest.

“It was indeed. Now sleep, my love.”

He didn’t want to sleep. He wanted to lie here and feel her naked body against him. More than that, he wanted to give it ten minutes (okay, maybe a little optimistic!) and then try again. But he could suddenly feel his eyes drifting, his limbs going leaden, and he slipped into soothing darkness.

underwater_music_by_elenadudina-d5bs02vCiaran woke sprawled on the cool sand. He was naked, his clothes in an untidy pile close by. He was completely alone. Groggily, he staggered to his feet. Had he dreamed it? If he had, then why would he be naked on the beach? But if he hadn’t, then where the hell had she gone? His eyes frantically scanned the beach in all directions, lighting on a flash of silver near the rocks. Snatching it up, he saw a delicate silver comb, threaded with several long strands of dark hair. Clutching it to him, he silently dressed and stumbled home.

Ciaran rubbed a weary hand across his face. It had been almost a month since he’d seen Rae. Since then, he’d never even been able to look at another woman, because—let’s face it—none of them compared. He’d looked everywhere he could think of, tried any means possible to track her down, and yet nothing had turned up the slightest clue. It wasn’t exactly a lot to go on—a first name and a description of long hair, pale eyes, and a perfect face and body. What he didn’t get was how anyone could see her and not remember her! He had to face the fact that if she’d wanted to stay around, she would have. If she’d wanted to come back, she could have. But she hadn’t.

He’d driven the few friends he had mad with his incessant talking about her. They no longer called and he didn’t really miss them. Every time he closed his eyes he saw her face. In the silence he thought he heard her voice, her laugh. In his dreams he felt her soft skin and her cool lips and her wet warmth. He rubbed his eyes. He would take a walk, and though he told himself he might have a change, head for the woods, he knew he wouldn’t.

His footsteps took him down to the ocean as surely as his mind took him back to that night. It had been a night like this, the air warm and the sea calm. He looked up at the full moon hanging in the clear sky. An odd sense overtook him and he almost convinced himself that she would be there on the rocks again. She wasn’t.

Instead, he pulled himself onto them, feeling the rough stone under his fingers as he gazed out at the lapping waves and the glint of light on the water.

“Rae,” he murmured, giving voice to his longings.

A ripple split the water and he watched, transfixed, as the waves parted and white limbs stepped forth. Her huge eyes found his and her full lips curved into a smile.

“Ciaran,” she called to him.

He stumbled to his feet, half-running to the water’s edge.

“Rae, where have you been? Why did you leave?” Questions tripped over themselves on his tongue, when all he wanted to do was take her in his arms.

Her voice was sad. “I cannot stay upon the land. My home is beneath the waves. When the daylight touches the sand I must leave.”

He stared at her in amazement, feeling like he’d stumbled into a fairy tale. Yet he’d always known that she was unlike anyone he’d known in his own dull world.

“I can’t lose you again,” he said desperately. “If you can’t stay on the land, then let me come with you.”

1469920_600497766670691_494802748_nJoy lit her face and she held out her white arms. Ciaran stepped into them, feeling her cool lips touch his. Contentment spread over his body as they sank beneath the waves.

The old man was walking his dog when he found the body. Washed up against the rocks, the young man’s body was battered and bruised. Yet an expression of complete peace was on his smooth features. The old man shook his head as he called the authorities. Such a waste, and it wouldn’t be the first time.

“Yes, police and ambulance. I’ve found a body at Siren’s Bay.”

Saturday Sexy Teaser – 28/11/15

Published November 28, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Happy weekend, if you were out shopping yesterday for Black Friday I hope you got some bargains and weren’t too frazzled by the crowds 🙂 It seems like the usual Sexy Saturday blog hop might be having a Thanksgiving break – but I thought I could share a wee teaser with you anyway! This is from Love Awakened, which is my new free read prequel.


Prequel Cover 3Emma was rapidly starting to lose her buzz. Was it too much to ask to be able to dance on her own without half a dozen jerks insisting that she must need company? This one seemed particularly persistent.

“I’m sorry, I’m really not interested” She tried more firmly, and this time turned her back on him. Surely that would give the hint?

Instead, she felt rough hands on her butt. Seriously? She whirled round, sparks flying from her fingers and singeing the air around them both. The ass-hat took an unsteady step back, his hands waving in the air as though trying to swat a fly.

“What the fuck?” One of the sparks caught his hand, and he snatched it back to his chest, staring at it confusion and then rising anger. “Goddamn bitch burned me.”

He stepped forward again, face contorted with drunken rage. Emma took a deep breath, called up her magic, and then the guy was suddenly on his butt in the middle of the dance floor. She blinked. Okay, that hadn’t been her.

Then Garret was taking her arm and moving them to the other side of the polished wooden floor. He turned her away from the small group gathered around the floored guy, and began moving them to the music. She stared up at him in surprise, unsure what to say.

“I thought you didn’t want to dance.”

He sighed. “I didn’t, but you obviously can’t stay out of trouble.”

“Me? I was only sticking up for myself, and you seem to be the one putting people on the floor.”

He grunted. “I didn’t say he didn’t deserved it, but you were… inciting.”

“I was what? How exactly?”

His hands waved around randomly. “Hips, twirling… ness. Look, are you wanting to dance or not?”

She could feel the grin spreading across her face, but she simply nodded and let him pull her into his arms. For someone who claimed they didn’t dance, he moved well, and as the music switched to a slower song she wrapped her arms around his neck and let her body sway in time with his. The world around them seemed to drift away as she relaxed against him, resting her head on his chest, she could hear his heartbeat under her ear. Breathing in, she let his scent surround her, a unique blend of sandalwood and musk, with an underlying thread that was just sweat and skin and male. Every hard muscle seemed to mould against her… oooh, including a certain extra hard part of his anatomy that seemed to be pressing against her stomach. Things were definitely looking up – literally! A sly grin curved her lips as she deliberately rubbed against him.

His breath exhaled on a hiss as he stiffly moved back from her. Frowning slightly, she tilted back her head to look up at him. His deep brown eyes burned into her, she could see the banked desire there. Rising up on tiptoe, she did what she’d wanted to do since pretty much the first moment she’d seen him, half-concussed in a graveyard, and kissed him.

You can get it free at Smashwords now:

And if you’re wanting the full story Love Reawakened is reduced in price this weekend due to my publishers Thanksgiving weekend sale – check it out now 🙂

Take care x

Free Book Release – Love Awakened

Published November 26, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, first of all, a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely readers in the US. While we don’t celebrate in the UK, I think it’s always nice to take a few minutes to appreciate what you have and what you’re thankful for. It’s been rather an up and down year for me, but we’re all still here – and that means there’s always something positive to focus on.

In the spirit of being thankful to all my wonderful readers, I’m releasing the completed version of the rather aptly Love Awakened – which is the prequel to Love Reawakened. If you’re read the original, this is the story of how Emma and Garret met, and basically how they managed to muck it all up first time round! Thankfully, we sometimes get second chances 😉 It’s a free read, so please do check it out and would love for you to share, repost etc. I’m currently waiting for Amazon to sort out their pricing and put it down to free, but in the meantime you can get Kindle copies, along with other formats on Smashwords – the link is below. Hope you enjoy!

Prequel Cover 3Blurb

Emma is training to be a witch, but sadly it’s not as glamorous as you might think. Creepy graveyards and raising the dead are not what she signed up for, but she needs to learn fast – and at least she now has a yummy new teacher in the form of necromancer, Garret.

When Garret has to rescue the sassy little witch from a spell gone wrong it’s hard to ignore the instant attraction. He doesn’t do long-term, not in his line of work, yet Emma somehow manages to not only get under his skin but constantly get herself into trouble. Can he manage to keep her safe, while not losing his heart in the process?

This is a prequel for Love Reawakened. While it can be read as a standalone it is basically the story of what went wrong first time around – so while I hope it’s an enjoyable read it doesn’t have a HEA.

Buy Links:


Tuesday Teaser

Published November 24, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

It’s Tuesday, so I thought I would tease with a wee excerpt from the Love Reawakened prequel, which should be out this week! I’m just sorting out formatting at the moment, but I do have a shiny new cover made for it… what do you think?

Prequel Cover 3I was going for the dark and creepy look, well that and I just love spooky pictures with bats – so, sue me 😉 Anyway, here’s your excerpt and it’s slightly in keeping with the cover. Don’t worry though, there’s definitely some romance in there too!

Garret’s heart stopped as the scream ripped through the air. What the fuck? There shouldn’t be anyone around at this time. The place was middle of nowhere, not to mention private property. Most people didn’t even know it was here, which was the only reason there hadn’t been serious casualties from the ghouls so far.

Deacan’s eyes met his, shock on the other man’s face as well. As one, they turned, running in the direction of the cry. As they came out into the open Garret’s sharp eyes picked out the running figure, and blind panic slammed into him as he recognized the slim form and red hair flying out behind her.

“Emma!” He shouted.

She glanced over her shoulder, and even from the distance he could see the fear in her eyes. The nearest ghoul reached out, its claws curving and he realized in that split second that she wasn’t going to make it.

Time seemed to slow down as he saw her fall. He threw his powers out, was dimly aware of Deacan doing the same, and the ghouls dropped to the ground like puppets with the strings abruptly cut. All he could see was the small figure lying motionless on the ground, her dark red hair pooled around her head, glinting in the flickering light from the fires, matching the red stain spreading across her back.

 And, don’t forget, the original, Love Reawakened is out now 🙂

Take care x

Thursday Tall Tales – Siren’s Call Part One

Published November 19, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

It’s Thursday, which means I’m sharing another free read with you 🙂 This is the first part of a new one, called Siren’s Call. It involves Ciaran, who is sadly unlucky in love – can the mysterious women he meets on the beach change that for him? Hope you enjoy x

9b1422101137166192ddffd8f9e08690It was Midsummer’s Night the first time he saw her. The heat was stifling and after tossing and turning, unable to sleep, he’d given up and decided on a walk along the beach. It was one of his favorite spots and one of the things that had attracted him to the house in the first place. The sea was calm for once and the gentle lapping of the waves against the sand was soothing. The sky was clear and the full moon offered enough light that he didn’t need the flashlight in his pocket.

He meandered slowly, hands in his pockets. This would be a romantic situation if he only had someone to share it with. He scuffed his feet through the sandy pebbles. Yeah, right. His friends were always laughing at his bad luck with women, and that was if he even got up the courage to talk to them in the first place. Was it really his fault that he preferred books to sports, that he couldn’t lift weights to save his life—and he’d probably be just as skinny if he did?

Lost in his self-pity, at first he wasn’t sure what the shape on the rock was. When he actually made it out, he was convinced he must be seeing things. He slowly moved closer, mouth gaping in disbelief. Sitting on the rock, bathed in the moonlight, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Her skin glowed pure white in the moonlight; her hair streamed down her back and over her breasts. She was slowly running a comb through it, and his eyes became glued to the motion. At the moment it lifted at the front, he caught a glimpse of perfectly formed alabaster breasts. When he managed to drag his eyes up to her face it was a vision, delicate and heart-shaped, with huge eyes and full, pouting lips that pursed as she hummed a haunting melody.

d5fbb1685e519b68c1af881e02956be4He stepped forward, half-convinced that he was still in his bed, asleep. At any moment now he was going to wake up, probably after embarrassing himself like he had as a teenager. Instead, he saw her eyes widen in shock, the comb stilling in her long tresses as she looked at him with fear. For a moment, she seemed frozen before turning as though to run.

“Wait,” he cried out. “I won’t hurt you, please don’t go!”

The woman turned, her huge eyes lit with curiosity.

“I’m Ciaran,” he told her. “What’s your name?”

The woman rose gracefully from the rocks, and he gulped as he realized she was completely naked. She glided towards him and he tried to subtly adjust his pants as his body hardened uncomfortably.

“You can call me Rae.” Her voice was musical and he felt as though he could close his eyes and simply listen to it forever.

“Are you lost?” he asked. He couldn’t understand why she was out on the beach, alone and naked, in the middle of the night.

She smiled and shook her head. Up close, he could see that her eyes were pale, silvery in the moonlight. With only the tiniest slits for pupils, the irises looked huge. He had to clench his hands by his sides not to reach out and touch her. It seemed wrong to want to molest a woman alone at night. She seemed to have no such worries, though, and her hand drifted up, stroking down his cheek. Her skin was cold, despite the warmth of the night. He took off his light jacket and offered it to her. She simply laughed, the sound like notes on the wind.

“I am not cold, Ciaran, but it is nice to see there are still some gentlemen left on the land.”

He frowned; her words and manner were old-fashioned, and he had the odd feeling she didn’t belong here. She reached up on tiptoe and pressed her cool lips against his. Every other thought left his mind. Her arms slipped around his neck and he pulled her closer against him, running his hands greedily over her curves, glorying in the smooth softness of her white skin. His mind was telling him that something was distinctly strange, but his body ruled out any objections and told him not to be such an idiot. It was probably a dream anyway, he rationalized. There was no way he could be awake when the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen appeared naked and threw herself at him.