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Tuesday Catch Up

Published September 13, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, first I guess I should apologise for the lack of posts lately. 2016-05-11-1462971004-479389-writerUnfortunately real-life has been kicking my ass. I won’t go into too many details, but just been feeling rather down and fed-up which makes it a bit harder to ‘switch on’ the creative side. Still, it happens sometimes and we get through it x

Anyway, onto more positives! Had a lovely weekend catching up with family and things are slowly picking up this week. Back on edits and should get the next book over to my editor in the next few days. Am just working on those last little tweaks – and of course, de-Britishing it lol! My heroine is suppose to American but since I’m obviously not, all sorts of British terms and phrases tend to automatically pour out when I’m just getting the story down – and then need to be ruthlessly cut out in edits! It’s a tricky process sometimes, and while I love you Americans then sometimes you don’t just have good substitutes for certain words and phrases ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think for my next one I definitely need a British main character then I can happily go nuts with the UK words lol.

gray-wolfOnce I get this off for edits then should hopefully be able to get back to writing (well, and the other one I need to edit). I also have a cover almost finished, which I am loving – shall share soon and hopefully you’ll agree ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all have a great week. Take care x

Tuesday Catch-Up

Published July 26, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

2016-05-11-1462971004-479389-writerHow’s your week going? Mine is hectic already – hence me being a day late with this post! I’ve decided to put a submission in for the Carina Press proposals call-out, so have been panic polishing and rewriting some chapters for that to get in by tomorrow. I’m also still working on my novella for a publisher submission call, and while it’s coming along the deadline is also looming rather close ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to mention edits whenever I get a free minute!

I’m hoping to get on track by weekend as I have friends visiting and am looking forward to seeing them. Then next weekend, flying visit back to England for a wedding. Lots of fun, but also slightly adding to the deadline panic ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wolves_wolf_great_wallpapers_for_your_deskopA big thank you to all who shared my free read at weekend – some great numbers so hope you grabbed your copy, and if you did that you actually like it now! I’m also working on my shiny new newsletter. It’s going to have lots of fun updates, free short reads, special offers, bonus content and basically anything else I can think of to throw in there! If you haven’t signed up already, the link is here:


Your email address is never shared with anyone else, and absolutely no spam! I hate it too, would never inflict that on you ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good week. Take care x

Monday Catch Up

Published July 4, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, Monday rolls round again – though I must admit it’s rather nice to just have one day job to go to ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been a busy week with lots of extra freelance jobs on (not to mention a new release out!), but think they’re all getting tidied up now so can get back to my edits!

indexJuly is looking like a very busy month writing-wise. I’m taking a wee break from my wolves series to write a story for a submission call and am having a lot of fun with it. It’s much lighter, which is quite a nice change after finishing up book 2 in my wolves, which was rather intense towards the end. So, I have that to finish, final edits on my next wolves book and finally started edits on a paranormal suspense story that has been knocking around for a while. I’m joining in the 100k challenge again which will hopefully help with a bit of motivation.

I’ve also got the RNA Conference this weekend – it’s snuck up fast! Not sure if I’m more nervous or excited right now, but everyone I’ve spoken to so far seems very nice and am sure it will be a great learning experience. If you’re heading along as well then do feel free to say hi ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great week. Take care x

Monday Catch Up

Published June 27, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, Monday rolls around again and let’s hope it’s a better week. I would like to say I’m feeling better about the result on Friday, but as I watch our country descend into chaos it’s rather hard to find a positive side. Our economy is plunging, international companies are already starting the process of pulling out of the UK, here in Scotland we’re looking at a second independence referendum, Ireland is being fed talks of a ‘United Ireland’ again amid serious worries about the jeopardisation of the Good Friday Agreement, and we have no leadership willing or capable to start the complicated and lengthy new negotiations that will now be needed. So many Leave voters seem to be regreting their choice as the reality is now starting to become clear to them and the lies they were fed are already being backtracked on.

As someone living in a very diverse and international city the inward-facing view of a lot of the country is a sad thing. I work for an internationally trading company so am worried for my job. I sell books internationally so now need to check the changes to those conditions. Myself, my generation and all the ones to follow have lost the right to live, work and study in Europe. I have so many friends here who have come from Europe for those very reasons – their position is now in jeopardy and there will be no others able to follow them. The boost they brought to out local economy will be lost, the money they provided to our local universities will be lost. The very diversity that makes up our country is being stamped out on a wave of racism and fearmongering.

I’m now holding my hopes on either Scotland being able to negotiate to stay in the EU separately from the rest of the UK (Denmark has a similar set-up so it’s not without precedent) or Indy2 actually going through. It is not a huge hope but tbh it’s more than the rest of the country has.

Anyway, apologies for the mini-rant – though I know quite a few international friends have been asking me about it, so there you go :p Writing-wise, it’s not been a very productive weekend I must admit. Edits are still coming along though for my wolves book 2 and I’m preparing for the re-release of Love Reawakened so things have still been happening. It’s also the last week of my old job (perhaps under the circumstances I should be keeping it lol!) but at least that will give me some more free time and hopefully a bit less stress.

Hope you have a good week. Take care x

Monday Catch Up

Published June 20, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, Monday rolls round again. Has been a bit of a frazzling week – think I have a broken toe so have been hobbling round all week. Managed to rest it up over the weekend so fingers crossed it might be a bit better today. Also only have two weeks left doing the two jobs – which will be a relief and free me a lot more time up for the writing side.

witch 2Speaking of which, it’s been all go! I’ve started final edits for book 2 in my wolves series, which even has a tentative title of Scarlett Seduction. (As you may know titles are hard for me, I tend to agonise over them constantly). The feedback so far from my wonderful beta readers has been very positive ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also working on re-releasing Love Reawakened, my zombie story, which I think is going to have a new release date of the 30th June. I’ve got a shiny new cover for it as well, which I should be sharing later in the week – really hope you’ll like it!

I’m thinking next week’s blog posts might need to have something special in the lead-up – maybe a zombie themed week? Who doesn’t like a bit of spookiness in June, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ More details to follow!

Hope you all have a great start to the week. Take care x

Tuesday Catch Up

Published May 24, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

So, we haven’t had a catch-up for a while – hope you’re all doing well ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been busy busy over here. I have a new day job – as some of you know I’ve been looking for one for a while as the old one was getting me seriously stressed out! At the moment though I’m doing both jobs while the old one finds someone else – I know, I’m too nice to them lol! Hopefully that won’t be too long though and then can settle in the new one properly.

images1While the two jobs hasn’t left as much time for new writing, I have been managing to get on with the editing for book 2 in my wolves series. It’s gone out to my wonderful beta readers this week! This is always a stressful part for me. No matter how many books you do, the first time you put something out there for other people to read is always slightly scary – there’s always that little voice at the back of your head that says they’re all going to hate it! Fingers crossed that’s not going to be the case ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I better get back to it. Take care x

Tuesday Teaser

Published February 16, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, it’s Tuesday, which means Teaser time ๐Ÿ™‚ This week’s is from a work I’m currently editing, Psychic Shadows. Since this isn’t a final copy yet hopefully you’ll forgive me for any spelling/grammar mistakes. Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


psychic-mediums-online-psychic-readingsHe stopped and she was surprised to realise they were outside her bedroom door already. โ€œWell, Iโ€™ll see you in the morning โ€“ or later on this morning, I suppose now.โ€

Suddenly feeling awkward, she managed a weak smile. He reached past her for the door handle, just as she moved for it herself. Her hand ended up over his and before sheโ€™d managed to get her shields up a rush of emotions surged over her. Worry, exhaustion, but over-riding them a tide of desire that seemed to centre in the one place where their skin touched. Her gaze flew up to his, the deep blue drawing her in, until she was drowning in the ocean. Her breath caught and her skin tingled, and she had the oddest feeling that she didnโ€™t even know if it was her desire, his, or a mingled combination of the two. Whatever it was seemed to be crashing over her, the tiny rational part of her brain was telling her to run away, but she felt herself swaying towards him. His eyes darkened, the hand on hers tensed and she was convinced he was leaning back into her when he suddenly blinked sharply and stepped back. She stood a moment, dazed, feeling slightly like someone had thrown cold water over her and acutely aware of the loss of his hand under hers.

โ€œYouโ€™re a magnifier as well, apparently,โ€ his voice was husky, and she had to blink several times before she could process what heโ€™d actually said.

โ€œWhat does that mean?โ€ her voice didnโ€™t seem to want to work.

โ€œYou amplify emotions, and turn them back on people. Itโ€™s a useful gift, just watch it doesnโ€™t get away from you.โ€

psychic3Shannon felt her face flaming. Christ, he sounded so calm, when she was still feeling like she was going to keel over if she moved away from the door.

โ€œYes, wellโ€ฆโ€ what the hell was she supposed to say to that?

His face softened. โ€œDonโ€™t worry, honey. Youโ€™ll be fine.โ€ He reached out a hand and lightly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, before his finger lingered, trailing a line down her cheek. She stood there, her body seeming frozen except for the trail of fire running from his fingertip. Honey?

He stepped back. โ€œGood night, Shannon.โ€

Move! Self-preservation made her fingers close over the door handle and she almost fell back through the door before slamming it shut behind her and leaning back against it. Her heart was pounding and her mind churning. What the hell was happening to her?


Enjoy your Tuesday. Take care x

Monday Catch Up

Published February 15, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

These Mondays do come around quick! Hope you’re all having a good start to the week. Has been a little bit of a stressful week on this end. Had to take the cat to the vet again (thank God I have her in at a reduced-fee place at the moment!), poor baby had a wee abcess under her mouth that she kept opening up and covering herself in blood. Definitely a bit freaky to have her coming in all bright red :s Still, am currently forcing antibiotics down her, so hopefully shoud be clearing up soon. Still it could be worse.

Speaking of which, have had two different friends lose someone close to them this week. One in particular has lost her mother and it makes me particularly sad as she got ill around the same time as my own mum did last year. There’s nothing you can possibly say to something like that really. Life is strange, unpredictable and frequently heart-breaking – all you can do is try and appreciate what you do have.

wolvesAnyway, shall try not to depress you all too much :p With lots of other bits going on as well there hasn’t been as much writing as I was hoping for, but still some at least. Niko and Kat’s story in coming along and am really enjoying taking the journey with them. Also started on edits for Psychic Shadows – first round edits are probably my least favourite thing but once I get that part done that hopefully can start getting it tidied up and out to beta readers. Both exciting and scary ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care x

Tuesday Catch Up

Published February 2, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

IMG_3569Yes, I know I’m a day late for catching up ๐Ÿ˜‰ Due to train delays and various other things yesterday ended up being a bit of a tiring day so didn’t manage to get round to posting. Hopefully you’ll forgive me and things should be back to normal this week! Anyway, as I said have been have away and was really fantastic. Harry Potter Studios was just as awesome as I’d imagined (I could quite happily move in I think) and would highly recommend to anyone who happens to be near or visiting London. Having those huge double doors swing open and walking into the Great Hall was a surreal experience – and was lovely to just catch the end of the Winter Wonderland event, so it was dressed up for Christmas still. Really enjoyed seeing all the original sets, props and costumes and got to sit outside on a sunny day, with the fake snow falling, and drink a butterbeer while looking at the outdoor sets (Privet Drive, the Potter Cottage etc).

IMG_3631I could ramble on about it for a while so I shall try not to bore you and instead briefly touch on the rest of the visit. Managed to check out a few ‘real life’ filming locations (any Sherlock or Black Books fans), had a lovely walk down Southbank watching the sun set behind the Houses of Parliament, then enjoyed a show. Overall was a great trip, and was even better to round it off with a few days seeing family.

IMG_3656Back to work this week though! Starting back on the writing tonight, there’s edits to do, social media to catch up, blog posts to write, various other bits and pieces. Hopefully shall get back to it feeling refreshed ๐Ÿ™‚


Take care x


Monday Catch Up

Published November 23, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

These weekends do seem to fly by, don’t they? It’s been a bit of a busy week, had some survey work one day last week, which meant I ended up doing freelance work 5 days instead of 4. Hopefully it’ll bring a few extra pennies in before Christmas, but it does make it seem like a longer week and sadly cuts into the writing time! I have managed to get back to some new writing this week though – I’m doing an angel-themed story at the moment. It’s going to be very loosly tied to an angel story I wrote a couple of years ago, so fingers crossed it will be finished in time to release before Christmas.

indexI’m also doing the last checks on my free read prequel, so hopefully that’s going to be able to go up for download very soon. I know it’s going to be a free read, but it will be the first thing I’ll have released that won’t have gone through a professional editing process, so I’m a little paranoid that it shouldn’t have too many mistakes in it. It’s always so much easier to spot things in other people’s work than in your own ๐Ÿ™‚

Our charity anthology also seems to be going quite well – and if you haven’t checked it out yet then please do have a look. All proceeds are going to charity, so you get three steamy reads and the chance to support a great cause!

You can find it here: getBook.at/DutyHonorDesire

promo graphic

Take care x