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Guest Author C Clark Jefferson with Love Theories: A Short Story Collection

Published July 3, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Sunday rolls round again, where has the weekend gone? Still, it’s not quite over yet and I have the fab C Clark Jefferson dropping by to chat about their new release. It’s a collection of short stories, entitled Love Theories – so something for everything and quick ‘pick up and reads’ for the weekend 🙂


Author Pic C Clark JeffersonSo, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself (bio).

I’m C Clark Jefferson born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. In addition, my current book is titled: Love Theories Short Stories Collection. I’m also a blogger, magazine contributor, playwright, speaker, and writing coach.

Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

My love for writing was discovered at the age of 9. Back in the day we had diaries (now called journals) and I religiously wrote in mine. Also as a fourth grader, we had a writing composition course where we could “freestlye” basically write about whatever topic we wanted to and the best part was there wasn’t a page limit. In my writings I felt safe and powerful because I could say things that I couldn’t say verbally.

Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

My routine mainly consist of blocking off a set number of weekdays and hours of those days to devote to writing. To ensure that I make the most use of my time, I make sure my space is arranged with all necessities and I turn my phone off to avoid distractions

Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

Love Theories falls into three genres: Short Stories, Fiction, and Love & Relationships. All eight stories are fictional and address the topic of love in some way, shape, or form.

Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?<

Yes, on the author side I enjoy reading materials by James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Langston Hughes, Jamaica Kincaid, Paulo Coehlo, and Isabel Allende. Some of my favorite books are: Shakespeares Hamlet, Paradise Lost, Eat, Pray, Love, and Boundaries.

What five things could you never do without?>

Prayer, Bible, Water, Books, and Notepad.

Cover - Love Theories by C Clark JeffersonTell us a bit about your new release.

In our lifetime, we all experience it. It’s that intimate tugging at our heart that controls our thoughts and our actions. Love Theories is a fly-on-the-wall moment into how others interpret and ultimately function given varying heart-to-heart interactions involving the universal feeling of LOVE.

Xiomora is a bi-racial teen struggling to find her place in life. Antonia, a recent college grad, meets a disc jockey and ends up in a world of trouble. A blue-collar working Wyatt, battles an unfair system to clear his name after his wife’s sudden disappearance. Majesty and Ainslie, best friends, face life challenges but with different responses. Jordan—the fearless, punctual, and sometimes ruthless venture capitalist—stands her ground in a male dominated industry. A Barbadian girl with big dreams leaves her home country in pursuit of higher education in the United States. A career-driven Angelina, once blinded by love, tries to give Cupid’s arrow another chance despite her mother’s interference. And the list goes on along this journey into the lives of an interracial couple, a culturally-biased doctor, a fraud examiner who has to withdraw from a case that involves her ex-lover, a rich man seeker, and a single mom who left her former church on bad terms. They are each normal, everyday people, but they all are dealing with the most common and universal emotion known to man. Love Theories asks the question: How do YOU equate LOVE?

Where did your inspiration for it come from?

The word love itself inspired me to write about it because I believe in love and I also believe that it’s sacred. Love is an action word but unfortunately most people use it as lip service. At one point I was tired of hearing the word being tossed around like a Frisbee with no emotions attached whatsoever. Then I started observing and listening to people’s rationale of equating the word love. Most people were associating the word with conditional things such as power, sex, beauty, money, revenge, and success.

What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

Learning and growing as a person while writing. Instead of me being upset with perceptions different from mine, I had to walk in their shoes and see things differently. A couple of the stories in the book required research on cultural backgrounds in order to effectively tell the story. I also enjoyed the character’s intentions, shortcomings and how they handled life.

What was the hardest part about writing it?

The hardest part was reducing the book from 21 stories down to 8 stories. It’s like a parent having to choose which child to send away and which ones should stay with them. Another hard part of the process was talking about cultures without coming across as being offensive to readers. The other hard thing was finding a balance with Antonia’s character in Drama in C-Minor because even though she’s naïve about life, she has good intentions and she isn’t a stupid person. In the end she learned the hard way. I didn’t want her character to be judged too harshly. Also there’s a character name Darla in Broken Silence who was a mistress to someone she ended up having to investigate and the whole M-Word still has a stigma to it no matter if the person was tricked into being a mistress or not. The subject matter if controversial but her character overcame the situation but struggled with forgiving herself in the process.

Who’s your favourite character in it? (I know, I know, favouritism!)

I don’t have a favourite character per se but one character I loved creating was Wyatt of Right Person Wrong Place. His character is interesting because his wife has disappeared without a trace and the residents of the city makes it known that they think he had a role in it. While he’s fighting to keep his name clean, he also refuses to accept that his wife is dead even though no one has seen her in 7 years. His character is a prime example of how fast and how serious life can get. One day he’s an average, blue collar guy and the next day he’s being harassed by authorities.

Love Theories Blog TourWhy should we run out and buy it right now?

Readers are encouraged to purchase Love Theories because the book is a gumbo- meaning that there’s something in it for everyone. The book addresses a variety of issues – weight, divorce, racism, single parenting, marriage, human trafficking, forgiveness, and bi-racial relationships. The short stories are entertaining, enlightening, empowering, educating, and easy to read! There’s plenty of life lessons readers can learn from the book including moments where readers can relate to either the character or the circumstance. Readers of the Love Theories have written positive reviews of the book and blogs about it. Last but not least, Love Theories is a conversation starter in any setting; tea parties, college campus, book clubs, family outings, friend gatherings, etc.

If you want to know more, you can get your hands on a copy here:

Buy Link:

And don’t forget to follow on social media:

Facebook: C Clark Jefferson

Instagram: cclarkjefferson

Twitter: @cclarkjefferson

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend, take care x

Guest Author – Daily Hollow with One Night in Charlotte

Published May 27, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, weekend is finally here! I know I’m definitely ready for it – the two jobs is wearing me out a bit lol! Still, the weekend is off to a good start with the fab Daily Hollow dropping in for a visit 🙂


So, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

I currently reside in the Carolinas, married to a wonderful wife, and have a beautiful but rambunctious five year old boy. I am reservist in the military and hold a Bachelor’s degree in English/writing and an MBA in business administration. I enjoy traveling with my family, reading, writing, and exercising (though I don’t do nearly enough).

Sounds like you’re busy anyway! Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

When I was in the fifth grade, I wrote a story about a hobbit who defeated a giant. My teacher hung it on the wall for all to read. I always liked books, but since I was little, I knew I would one day write them.

Hehe, well hobbits are always a good start for a writing career 😉 Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

I don’t really have a routine, but I do get many ideas from my morning walks/runs. I’m also in a writing group (ERA) and we have flash fiction Sundays. One of my 198 word stories became a 40k word novella (Leslie’s Dilemma).

Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

At the moment I write erotic romance. I kinda stumbled into it by accident. I was looking for writing contests and during my Google search, I stumbled upon Literotica, a website for those who like reading and writing erotica. I started reading some of the stories and said to myself “I can write that.” However, when I was in college, I wrote mostly paranormal and horror. I think I will eventually go back to writing that genre.

Lol, well it’s a bit of a change from horror! Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

I’ve always been a Stephen King fan. I also like Dean Koontz, James Patterson, and Robert McCammon. I don’t really read a lot in the genre I currently write. If I do, it’s a short story. However, I do recommend Rosemary Wilhide, Spencer Dryden, Mikey Rakes, Lena Black, and Ghiselle St James. Ian Smith is another new author and I helped beta read his current novella, A Knight’s Errant. It should do very well.

What five things could you never do without?

Shrimp tacos from Real Mexico in Columbia SC, watching sports, my laptop, spell check, and, of course, my family.

Tell us a bit about your new release.

It’s a BWWM erotic thriller that is a part of the Tirgearr Publishing’s City Series. It’s about a female Jamaican assassin who begins to fall in love with the man she’s hired to kill. It’s about 25k words and features a lot of hot sex. There’s sex in a car, outdoors, a masturbation scene, and a bed even gets broken.

Ooh, *fans self* just a wee bit steamy then? Where did your inspiration for it come from?

A friend of mine posted the link to the series on FB last year, and it really intrigued me. I couldn’t get started right away because I was in the middle of doing edits for Leslie’s Dilemma and A Night of Firsts. However, once the idea planted itself, it stayed with me like a naughty lover.

Yeah, those little idea seeds do tend to latch on 🙂 What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

Incorporating my friends. Most of the minor characters are friends of mine in one of the small FB groups I belong to. I thought that was neat, and, of course they did too.

Aww, what a fun idea – might need to try this! I may need more secondary characters though lol. What was the hardest part about writing it?

Editing. God, it was hard to edit, and it also requited a bit of research. My friend Ghiselle’s from Jamaica and she helped with some of the logistics. I also scouted youtube videos as well as the internet about bullet proof vests. I even consulted a police officer friend.

Good friend to have 😉 Who’s your favourite character in it? (I know, I know, favouritism!)

Gabrella for sure. She’s HOT!

So, just in case we’re not convinced already, why should we run out and buy it right now?:)

Because it’s a page turner. Once you read it, you won’t put it down. One of the editors at Tigrearr said she almost missed the formatting deadline because she kept stopping what she was doing to read. There’s also a some pretty hot sex for those who like that sort of thing 🙂

The man knows us 😉 If you’re wanting to know more the book details are here:


Mark Jenson is a handsome, easy going man who enjoys drinking with his buddies and the occasional Myrtle Beach golf outing.

Gabriella is a beautiful, yet intimidating Jamaican assassin who has nearly fifty kills to her credit. Because Mark unknowingly insulted a mobster’s daughter after they had a drunken night of sex, Gabriella is hired to end Mark’s life. Gabriella had an unusual ritual – she would take souvenirs from her victims. Since this was her last job, and Mark being extremely good looking, his final gift to her is going to be a child.

After hooking up at a club in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gabriella finds herself attracted to Mark. The more she tries to convince herself she needs to complete her job, her feelings for Mark deepen.

And you can get your hands on a copy here:

Amazon –*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Take care x

Guest Author Lisa Bilbrey with Forgotten Awakenings

Published March 18, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope you’ve had a good week. I’m happy it’s Friday, though am stuck having to go into the EDJ today. It’s normally my day off but had to take kitty to the vet yesterday to get her vampire-looking front fang checked out lol. Still weekend is almost here and it’s off to a good start since I have the lovely Lisa Bilbrey visiting to chat about her new release, Forgotten Awakenings (woot!)

Thanks so much for being here, Lisa. So, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

profilepicsmallI’m Lisa—a mom, a wife, a librarian, and a writer. I love books, I love writing, and I find myself longing to be deep in a love story, letting the raw emotions flow through my words.

Sounds like one of the best places to be 🙂 Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

There wasn’t one moment that really stands out. As a little girl, I always had stories running through my head and my dolls often acted them out, but I never thought I could write. I struggled in school and let fear and doubts keep me down. So, when I made the decision to try, I was terrified, but I fell in love with the process.

I was the exact same way! Put it for ages because it was just much too scary – and tbh it still is but the good side turns to make up for it now lol. Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

Not really. I write every day, or try to at least. I have to have music or the T.V. on. I just can’t handle the silence.

Ooh, every day is dedication. I try and get into the routine, but it doesn’t always work! Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

Everything I write is a romance with a sub-genre that often changes depending on the book. I have several contemporary romances, a paranormal romance, an erotica romance, and have a suspense romance in the work.

Some nice variety then 🙂 Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

JK Rowling is the one who stands out the most. I think she’s brilliant and has such an amazing way to tell a story. I loved her Harry Potter novels, but I also love her Cormoran Strike Series that she writes under a penname, too. R.E. Hargrave, Lindsey Gray are a couple more.

I love JK Rowling – when I first moved here was really excited that was living in the same area of town (though the less ‘posh’ bit lol!). Sadly though, never saw her and believe she’s moved now *sighs* Ah well, moving on, what five things could you never do without?

My family is the most important to me. They’re so incredibly supportive and often give me plot twists. Also, my laptop, my flash drive, my cell phone, and sunflower seeds.

FAReleaseHehe, now I’m wondering if they’re for munching or for growing sunflowers 😉 Tell us a bit about your new release.

Forgotten Awakenings is the second book in my Awakenings Series. In the first book, Forbidden Awakenings, Elle and Sadie, who have been friends with benefits for years, meet Derek and Callum, who have been best friends for years. The four decide to pursue a relationship that defies social standards, and by doing so, Elle finds herself facing a lot of heartache. Without giving away too much, in book two, Elle struggles to deal with the aftermath of a dangerous situation that threatens to tear her away from her lovers. The books are passionate and full of love, sex, and passion, but mostly, they’re about being true to who you are and loving yourself.

I think that’s something everyone can relate to, no matter the genre or group pairings. Where did your inspiration for it come from?

I’ve always been a believer in love and passion and believe that it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi, or whatever. When I started writing this series, I knew there would be those who didn’t get it, who didn’t understand, and I wanted to write these characters in a way that made them want to at least try.

Aww, I very much hope they do – love is love at the end of the day. What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

Finishing a novel that I’ve really struggled with and loving the way it turned out. I always set my books aside for a few weeks and then sit down and read through it again. By doing this, I’m able to read it more objectively. Often I surprise myself with the way I write things, or plot twists that I come up with.

Lol, I must admit I have a terrible memory when it comes to my own writing and I’ll often go back and find it suddenly coming back to me! What was the hardest part about writing it?

Not letting doubt keep me down. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my writing, even though I do think I am a good story teller. And it’s hard to put myself out there, I worry about being rejected, but I keep striving to get past my fears and become a better writer. And the only way I can do that is by continuing to write.

I think it’s something we all struggle with as writers, but like you say the only way to get past it is to keep going 🙂 Speaking of, who’s your favourite character in it? (I know, I know, favouritism!)

Oh, that’s a hard one! But I would have to say Derek. He’s this passionate, immature guy, who loves with every part of him. He says things that make me swoon, and he’s honest and real.

Hehe, well now we’re intrigued about him. Just in case anyone isn’t convinced yet, why should we run out and buy it right now?

Because it will make you laugh, cry, smile, and wish love like this was real.

Aww, sounds like some lovely weekend reading 🙂 Here’s the book details for you all:

ForgottenAwakenings KindleBlurb

Two bullets — one just under her right breast and the other in the middle of her left leg. That’s all it had taken to destroy Elle Reid, to leave her weak and useless. Just two little bullets.

Elle gave into her desires and allowed herself to love. The road to redemption hasn’t been easy for her, or her lovers, but together, she, Sadie, Callum, and Derek strive for a life of peace and harmony. But will they get their happily ever after, or will a madwoman’s quest for revenge shattered their dreams?

And you can get your hands on a copy here:


Barnes and Noble

Don’t forget to follow Lisa on social media to stay up-to-date with her news and releases:





Take care x

Guest Author – Ember Leigh with A New York Minute

Published February 26, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Been a little bit of a tiring week so apologies for the lack of postings, but weekend is here and it’s off to a great start with the lovely Ember Leigh dropping by to visit. She’s sharing the gossip and talking about her new release, A New York Minute.

Thanks so much for being here, Ember 🙂 So, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

My name is Ember Leigh, and I am an incorrigible vagabond! I can’t stop roaming the Earth. Somebody help! Just kidding. I love it! I’m in Argentina right now, drinking Malbec wine. I blend my love for travel with my love for writing romance in my newest short story series, Erotic Destinations!

Ooh, that sounds lovely – and we’re not at all jealous, honest. Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

Ever since I could remember. It really solidified around age 9. I just knew. There was no telling me otherwise. That’s the age I completed my first novel—it was about a 10 year old girl chosen by NASA to go to the moon (because that apparently was a new program they had initiated?), and the struggles she faced throughout her astronaut training, dealing with her broken home, and eventually, confronting aliens on the moon.

Aww, that sounds so cute. I remember writing long stories in English class, but certainly nothing as involved as a novel! Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

I have a loose routine of writing like a banshee when I feel the inspiration for a novel…so much that it just pours out of me, sometimes 10,000 words in a day. But that doesn’t last forever. Then I might go weeks without writing much at all. Does that count as a routine?

Hey, it sounds better than some of mine 😉 Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

Contemporary erotic romance. Or, another way, “vanilla hetero love”. I’ve always loved the emotional arc of romances, the slow dance as two people fall deep into love. But I’ve always preferred the sex scenes be quite explicit. Hence, erotic romance! Also, being that I don’t write (or partake in) BDSM, that’s where the vanilla comes in.

That’s one of the things I love most about romance as well 🙂 Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

Jennifer Crusie is one of my favorite authors, as well as Michel Faber and Douglas Adams.

Ooh, big Hitchhikers fan here! What five things could you never do without?

1.) Ashtanga yoga 2.) preparing my own meals from scratch 2.) bell peppers 3.) my husband 4.) his chest hair 5.) traveling the world!

Hehe, I love that his chest hair needs a whole separate point – it must be impressive 😉 Speaking of which, tell us a bit about your new release.

A New York Minute is my latest contemporary erotic romance novel, released from The Wild Rose Press on December 11th, 2015. It follows Paige, a determined career woman in the talk show business, as she navigates unexpected professional changes and a totally unexpected suitor…her arch nemesis, Josh, who was responsible for cancelling her show. The career change sends her to a Hawaiian paradise, where she faces a professional nightmare.

Ooh, sounds glamorous! Where did your inspiration for it come from?

I can’t even remember. I wrote the first draft of this novel in 2005, and then it languished in my drafts folder for about a decade. Probably some combination of the entertainment industry and Hawaiian islands spoke to me.

Hmm, I can definitely see the inspiration there. What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

The scathing banter between Paige and Josh. They have some really good moments. They know how to dish it out…and smooth it over with some really steamy lovemaking!

Hey, there’s nothing like a good balance! What was the hardest part about writing it?

Sex scenes…they’re always the hardest part of any novel! Trying to keep things on the sexy and eloquent side as opposed to the Oh my god this sex scene is hilarious and eternal side…that’s a struggle!

Lol, it’s definitely a struggle sometimes – but then where else do you get to do that for a living. Who’s your favourite character in it? (I know, I know, favouritism!)

Gary, Paige’s manager. He’s a rotund little guy who knows Paige well enough to fear her as much as he adores her. He’s so funny, too, trying his best to keep things calm as Paige navigates this challenging time in her life. He’s particularly good at delivering fun factoids about the Hawaiian islands.

Well you can’t go wrong with fun facts 🙂 So, apart from learning random things about Hawaii, why should we run out and buy it right now?

For Gary! Just kidding, for PAIGE AND JOSH! They fall in love, and hard, despite the fact that neither thought love would ever have a place in their lives. Their balance of work and relationship is particularly elegant, I think 🙂

Well if you’re not convinced yet (and if not why not lol) here’s the book details:

ANewYorkMinute_w9829_750 final.jpgBlurb

Paige Alexander, successful host of A New York Minute, adores her job and will do anything to save the show that’s her brainchild. But when IBC, fronted by Josh Lambert, buys NYCBC, Paige’s show is cancelled, and her choices are unemployment or a non-starring role on a new show co-hosted by Jerk Lambert, a man who makes her hotter than hell in every way. Having scaled the golden rungs of the corporate ladder, Josh doesn’t do relationships or complicated. Promised a multimillion dollar payday if he turns Wakin’ Up—the show that replaced Paige’s—into a hit, Josh kisses uncomplicated goodbye when she shows up. The woman fascinates and terrifies in equal measure, and he’s suddenly questioning the value of gold versus the value of her. Forced together in an Hawaiian paradise, the steam just keeps rising—on set, in the sauna, and in the narrowing distance between them.

You can get your hands on a copy here:


Barnes & Noble:

Wild Rose Press:

And don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all Ember’s news and releases at the following links:



Twitter: @EmberLeighAuth


Have a great weekend x


Guest Author Interview – Gigi Kern

Published November 13, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, it’s Friday, so yay for weekend, especially when I have the lovely Gigi Kern visiting to answer my nosy questions and chat about her new release, Finding Aaron.

Hi Gigi, it’s great to have you here! So, let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

I’ve moved a lot for my day job. I don’t think I’m your average romance writer. I spent two years in Iraq and four months in Afghanistan and worked and lived in nine different cities/states. Originally from New York, I still miss the food and the New York Mets (So close). I LOVE my TV shows, books and movies! And I’ve gone to Comic Con in San Diego, CA for three years in a row.

Ooh, I’m jealous already – would love to get to Comic Con… one day! Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

It started in my 8th grade writing class. I had to write an essay so I decided to write one about my Dad’s experiences as a US Marine Field Artillery Mechanic in Vietnam. I started writing essays, and then in 11th grade I wrote a poem that was inspired by Elie Wiese’s Night. That was the catalyst I needed, and I’ve been writing creatively ever since.

Sometimes it just needs that initial spark, doesn’t it? Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

I wish. I write when the inspiration hits. Which I know is not what you should do. Convention says write every day. Except my muse only want to come out and play when it wants. (New York stubbornness) I can write 15 -30 pages in one shot. My first novel was all long hand, but Finding Aaron was a combination of long hand and typing. I don’t always write in sequence. And I normally create a list of must have scenes and go from there.

I’m with you on that one, muses can be tricksy lol. Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

My current novel is a Gay (M/M Romance) Contemporary Romance novel. I was working for someone in the publishing industry and she sent me a box of books she received from a romance convention. There it was, my first M/M Romance novel, and I’ve been reading ever since. My first novel is a supernatural thriller. I didn’t think. An idea for this book came to me and I decided to run with it and here we are.

It’s lovely when the idea just runs away with you! Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

Robert Ludlum, Jack Higgins, Joan D. Vinge, Frances Miller, Patricia Potter, David Hagburg, David Feintuch, Lightning by Dean Koontz, A Wrinkle in Time series and VC Andrew’s Heaven and My Sweat Audrina. The books and authors that I have to re-read always.

What five things could you never do without?

TV with DVR



MacBook Light

Notebooks and pens (1 item:)

Yup, think we definitely have to count those as one 😉 Tell us a bit about your new release.

Finding Aaron is the first book in the Finding Home Series. It’s about Aaron, who hasn’t had the best of lives until he meets his best friend Ryan Foster and his best friend’s family. Ryan’s Uncle TJ couldn’t stand Aaron the first time he met him while TJ was home during leave from Iraq. But something happens between the Aaron and TJ, and everything changes. This is part one of their love story. Part One (Finding Aaron) is them finally finding each other and letting the sparks explode. Part Two (Finding Love – which I’m currently writing) is what happens now that they are together. In the mix is Aaron’s Learning Disabilities, Panic Attacks, and childhood trauma, plus TJ’s PTSD. Makes for an interesting journey.

Wow, definitely sounds like they have some challenges there (fingers crossed for the HEA). Where did your inspiration for it come from?

Great question! Except I’ve already forgotten. Lol. It will come to me later.

Hehe, well as long as it comes from somewhere, that’s all that matters really. What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

I love Aaron. And I love Aaron and Ryan’s relationship. But the exciting thing, was being with TJ as he finally sees the real Aaron and falling in love with him as much I do.

Aww, that sounds lovely. What was the hardest part about writing it?

Knowing where to end the book. I thought maybe it should be longer, however, when I first came up with the idea I knew it needed to be two parts. It was so hard to say, “Okay, now Stop!”

Yeah, though pesky characters just don’t know when to shut up sometimes lol. Speaking of, who’s your favourite character in it? (I know, I know, favouritism!)

Ryan. Ryan is the best friend everyone wants. I love Ryan so much that he will have his own book, Book Four, Finding Ryan. I’ve already mapped out the synopsis. Can’t wait to write it.

Sounds fun. Why should we run out and buy it right now?

It is a sweet love story. I’m not saying there isn’t angst and a couple of hot scenes. But at the core of Finding Aaron, it’s about Aaron finding a home with people who love him. I hope you take the ride and Happy Reading!

Well, in case you’re not convinced yet (and I know I am!) here’s the details on Finding Aaron 🙂


At 23, Aaron has aged out of the foster-care system and is now a struggling college student. Between his severe Learning Disabilities, ADHD and past trauma, every day is a struggle.

Three years ago, Aaron’s world got a whole lot brighter thanks to his new best friend, Ryan Foster and his family. The Fosters have taken him into the fold. That is, everyone except for Ryan’s Uncle TJ.

When Aaron and TJ meet, sparks fly.

TJ, 31, can’t stand his nephew’s flamboyant, in your face, blue-haired, rainbow loving, best friend. He knows he shouldn’t be so judgmental but after spending five years in Iraq and Afghanistan, his patience is buried under a mountain of guilt and loss.

TJ’s animosity toward Aaron always stresses Aaron out going home to the Foster’s for the holidays but they are the only family he has. He just needs to put up with TJ. He can do that, right?

When something happens that neither one wants to acknowledge, it may just be the catalyst needed for the sparks to explode.

What happens when TJ lets himself see the real Aaron? And, can Aaron let TJ past his defenses, when he’s barely holding on.

~ 33,000 words – GAY Romance, heat level low.

Aaron and TJ’s story continues in Finding Love which will be available in 2016.

And if you’re wanting to grab yourself a copy for the weekend, you can hold of it here:

Amazon US –

Amazon UK – (UK)

iBooks –



And for more updates feel free to visit Gigi Kern at her Official Author website at

Hope you have a great start to the weekend x

Release Day – Duty, Honor, Desire – Military Charity Anthology

Published November 11, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

As you are probably aware the date today is 11/11 which means that, depending on where you are in the world, it’s Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Armistice Day. Whatever you prefer to call it, it’s a day for remembering and honoring all those men and women who have served their country, some paying the ultimate price for it.

I previously had a military romance out with my old publisher and when I was looking at re-releasing it I really wanted to try and do something special. Along with fabulous fellow authors Leona Bushman and Sheri Velarde, then today we are releasing a military-romance themed anthology, called Duty, Honor, Desire – and best of all, all the proceeds are going to go to Help for Heroes. This is a wonderful military charity who helps both current and ex service people and their families, with a particular emphasis on those who have been wounded in the line of duty. Please, please show your support by buying a copy and sharing the links. Not only do you get three great military-themed stories, but you’re supporting an amazing cause! Thanks so much! x

Duty Honor Cover 1Blurb

They say all’s fair in love and war – but what happens when duty and honor clash with desire? Find out in these short and steamy romances, involving servicemen and women.

All proceeds to Help for Heroes.

Over A Dead Body – Leona Bushman

Chief Petty Officer John Riker has a problem—a dead body and no one for NCIS to blame but him. With blood covering his hands and uniform, he looks as guilty as he feels for being late and being unable to save his friend. And, if things aren’t bad enough, the NCIS in charge is his ex-fiance. While he hadn’t left her standing at the altar, he had broken it off hoping to save her the heartache of living alone while he served.
NCIS Special Agent Edith Jane Lancaster hates that Riker ends up being top suspect in a murder crime. Although, it does give her an advantage as she already knows his tells and his lies. Leaving her at the altar had been something he claimed to do for her so she wouldn’t be lonely, but that was all she’d been since he left—alone. Would her opinion cloud the subject? After five years, she figures she can be impartial.
Together, they have to find out who wanted to kill John’s friend in an elite Military move. Can Edith save John from the killer and himself? Can John ever forgive himself for leaving her? Will she? Or will they both die alone, with a killer running loose on the naval base?

A Chance at Love – Shelli Rosewarne

Corporal Aidan Hamilton has the unenviable job of telling his best friend’s sister that her brother isn’t coming back. This is slightly complicated by the fact that from the moment he meets Suzanne Kelsey he knows she’s everything he’s ever wanted. While Suzanne might need someone to lean on at the moment, can he convince her that what they have is more than a short term fling?
Suzanne had always told her big brother that being a soldier was too dangerous, so when she sees the uniformed officer in front of her house she knows exactly what he’s here to tell her. While Aidan may set her blood on fire, Suzanne has already lost one soldier she loved and she’s not prepared to trust her heart to another one.

Taking Pleasure Where You Can – Sheri Velarde

Ever since Pearl Harbor John had become a shell of a man, not able to move on from the trauma. One night out with the guys and one woman were about to change everything.

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Guest Author – Donna Figueroa with Fall Again: Lost Boy

Published November 10, 2015 by shellirosewarne

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It’s been a rainy and miserable week so far in Scotland, but to to cheer me up, the lovely Donna Figueroa is visiting today to chat about her new release and where the inspiration for one of her main characters came from.

The characters in the Fall Again series are a combination of characters that are well developed figments of my imagination, and others who’ve been inspired by real people who’ve passed through my life. Take it away, Donna 🙂

Donna Figueroa Author PicOne of my favorite characters in Fall Again is Lauren’s cousin Robert Phillips, (Robbie.) He introduces Lauren to the performing arts when she was a child growing up in Ohio. He gives her ballet lessons in the basement of her family’s home, and encourages her parents to enroll her in an area dance school. Robbie eventually leaves Ohio and becomes a New York actor. Lauren want to do the same. He promises to help her start her career, beginning with convincing her parents to allow her to attend college in New York where he lives. In a cruel twist of fate, Robbie dies before Lauren arrives in New York.

Robert was inspired my own cousin, Ron Porter. I remember seeing him dance on stage when I four years old. He was amazing, and in my child’s mind, a star.

When I expressed an interest in dance, he gave me six weeks of ballet lessons in the basement of my grandmother’s house. And yes, after the six weeks was over my parents enrolled me in a local dance school.

When he was in college, he spent summers in Atlantic City showrooms working as a backup dancer for some of the biggest performers of the 60’s and 70’s. Names like Dionne Warwick, Lola Falana and Sammy Davis Jr.

Ronnie was twelve years older than I was, so we never had the close relationship that Lauren had with her Robbie. But I prayed that one day he would guide me through the complexities of a career in the performing arts. While he wanted to work in the arts, he pursued a career on the business side of the industry, and eventually became a lawyer.

While my parents did not always support my acting career, Ronnie always did. When I was signed by a major talent Los Angeles talent agency, he was so proud of me

I hoped we’d develop a closer relationship as adults, but in a cruel twist of fate, Ron Porter died.

In Fall Again, maybe Lauren’s relationship with Robbie is the relationship that I wanted with my own cousin so many years ago.

My cousin Ron Porter introduced me to the performing arts and inspired me to become an artist myself. It was only fitting that when I wrote my first novel, that he play an important role in the story.

Ron continues to inspire me. I have a framed photograph of him with Sammy Davis Jr. between shows in Atlantic City. He’s handsome, strong and in my eyes, a star.

I’m thankful that he was a part of my life-and very happy that he’s an important part of the Fall Again series. I think he’d be proud.

Wow, he sounds like an amazing character, and it’s lovely that he’s living on through your novel. I’m sure he would be very proud and thanks so much for sharing your memories of him with us x Now, we’re all definitely intrigued, so let’s have a look at Fall Again:Lost Boy.


Fall Again: Lost Boy

Marc: The Interim Years


When Marc Guiro learns Lauren Phillips is gone, his life shatters.

LOST BOY, the second novel in the FALL AGAIN series begins as Marc frantically returns to New York, only to find that the woman he loves has left New York permanently. Marc is devastated, but struggles to put his life back together, often making choices that drastically alter the course of his life.

With support and encouragement from old and new friends, Marc unknowingly begins a personal odyssey to find himself- an arduous journey that brings Marc personal and professional fulfilment, and eventually leads him back to the woman whose memory refuses to leave him.

If you’d like to stay in touch with Donna and find out more about the Fall Again series, you can find it on social media here:,

Author Interview with Casey Sheridan

Published October 11, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Hope your weekend is going well. I’m very excited to be joined here today by the lovely Casey Sheridan – and since I’m on the nosey side (hey, it comes with the writer territory!) I get to ask all about her, and her latest release, Number 69.

Author Avatar Casey SheridanWell, the kettle’s boiled and the biccies are out, so let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself.

Casey: Thanks, Shelli, for having me on your blog today!

I like to write erotic, fun, and romantic fiction. I’m an introvert and a chocolate lover, but I also like reading and watching movies. I love animals and I volunteer to care for feral/outdoor kitty pals. And this month (Oct 1-31), I’m donating all my book royalties to Alley Cat Allies to help educate others about feral cats and the things they can do to help make their lives happy and healthy.

Aww, well that’s definitely a cause close to my heart, my own little furbaby was found abandoned as a stray – though you’d never guess it from the attitude these days 🙂

Was there a specific moment where you first knew that you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve been writing since I was just a kid and I used to daydream about being a famous author, or famous musician, or famous actor. Since I’m terrified of being the center of attention, musician and actor were not an option. I didn’t really take writing seriously until later in life when I wrote a short story and submitted it. Even though it was rejected, I was inspired to keep going.

Ooh, could have been talking to a famous actress instead 😉 Do you have a particular writing routine, or any special rituals?

I know many authors like to write with music playing, but for me, I need it to be as quiet as possible. Not completely dead silent, but not noisy either. Music and television distract me. I end up dancing around my living room if music is playing. Lol

Otherwise, my routine is to have my laptop, a bottle of water, and my dictionary, thesaurus, and Emotional Thesaurus nearby and I can write all day.

Hehe, I have a similar problem, people laugh when I tell them I have to have ‘just in the middle’ tv, not too bad, but too good as then I get caught up in it! Tell us about the genre you write in, and what drew you to it.

I write erotica and erotic romance, or erotica with romance. What drew me to it was the challenge of writing it and writing it well. Many people say writing is easy, and I guess it really is, but writing well, developing three dimensional characters, describing the setting, and having a plot that flows are all hard things to do. Writing a sex scene, and writing it well, is even more difficult. I like that challenge. I love being absorbed in the process of writing.

Are there any particular authors or books that have really inspired you?

When I first started writing seriously, author Shelli Stevens was a big inspiration for me. I read everything of hers.

There’s also author Eden Baylee. I love her work especially her latest mysteries/thrillers such as Stranger at Sunset, A Snake in Paradise, and Seal of a Monk.

Of course, classic authors like Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edgar Allen Poe.

Oh, I do love some classic literature – am a huge Austenite 🙂 What five things could you never do without?

1) My cat, Cecil (or any of the cats, really) 2) Chocolate 3) My laptop 4) Electricity. How else am I going to charge my laptop? 5) Pen and paper (that counts as one, right?)

Of course, I think they have to be included together 😉 So, tell us a bit about your new release.

Number 69 is an erotic romance and it’s about how Melodie meets the mysterious man holding the remote to her vibrating panties.

Wow, okay, that definitely brings some interesting scenarios to mind! Where did your inspiration for it come from?

When a fellow author entered her short story into a contest, one of the prizes was a pair of vibrating panties. That got me asking myself all sorts of “What if” questions such as, what if they had a remote control? What if someone else had the remote? And so on.

It’s certainly an… intriguing concept 😉 What did you find most enjoyable about writing it?

I loved envisioning the hotel where the match making party takes place. Mentally walking through it and seeing what my character was seeing was a lot of fun.

What was the hardest part about writing it?

The ending. I always have a hard time with endings.

Me too – I hate saying having to wave goodbye to my characters. Speaking of which, who’s your favourite character in it? (I know, I know, favouritism!)

This is a bit unorthodox, but my favorite character in the book is Cecil, the cat. Yes, I put my cat in the book. He’s in the first chapter, so, of course, he’s my favorite character.

Aww, so you’re now going to have a famous kitty as well! So, sum up for us – why should we run out and buy it right now?

Number 69 is a fun read and I think it has delightful characters (especially Cecil – lol). It’s not your typical erotic romance. Also, like I mentioned before, my book royalties for this month are being donated to help kitties. So, if you buy the book, you’re helping me help kitties to live happier and healthier lives.

So, a fun, erotic adventure and you’re helping save cat lives. I think I’m sold 🙂 Thanks so much for joining us today.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed chatting to Casey as much as I have, and if you want to get hold of her new release, Number 69, (and don’t forget it’s helping Alley Cat Allies charity) then read on for the details 🙂

Number 69_CaseySheridan 650x429Blurb

A matchmaking party was not Melodie’s idea of fun, and wearing vibrating panties was just plain weird. Or was it?

Should she go to the party? After all, she just might meet Mr. Right. And if he doesn’t show, she has the vibrating panties to keep things interesting.


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