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Release Day – Love Reawakened

Published June 30, 2016 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Squee, it’s release day for Love Reawakened so I’m definitely excited. If you’re looking for witches, zombies, magic, a rather hawt necromancer and, of course, a healthy dose of romance thrown in, then look no further 🙂

Love Reawakened 3Blurb

For Emma Strachan, raising zombies is all in a day’s work. A girl has to pay the bills somehow! But when what should be a simple raising goes horribly wrong, Emma is forced to ask for help from the one man she swore never to see again.

Garret is used to being a loner, as a necromancer he works best that way and frankly, with the dangers he faces every day, it’s easier not to have to look out for anyone else. When Emma shows up on his doorstep desperate for help, he vows to ignore the raging attraction between them – after all a pretty, fun-loving witch has no place in his world.

Now Emma and Garret will need to put aside old resentments in order to try and defeat a zombie unlike anything they have seen before. Trust might not come easy, but it may be their only chance to survive.

You can get your copy on Amazon here – and please do share, I’d really appreciate it.


Thanks so much and take care x

Writing Wednesday

Published November 25, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

I was feeling rather stuck on what to write today, a distinct lack of writing inspiration. So, I was thinking about what I do when I’m stuck, when the words just don’t want to come – and just as I was thinking this I came across some posts that are the epitome of what you don’t do. Yet again there are plagiarism scandals going through the self-publishing community. While I have seen one or two different names coming up recently, the main culprit seems to be one Addison Scott, who had around a dozen titles up on Amazon – and it turns out didn’t write a single one of them.  Each and every one stolen from another author, the names and titles changed but otherwise pretty much word for word.

These were originally self-published books, so I guess Scott thought these were people without the power of a publisher behind them so less chance of retribution, probably less chance of it being noticed. At the end of day, the sad thing is that what retribution is these person actually going to get? Yes, the books will be taken down but will those poor authors ever see a penny from Scott in terms of the money that was made on their work? Will Scott even get a slap on the wrist, much less anything more – or will they be free just to change to a different name and start all over again?

I can’t imagine how those original authors are feeling. What we write is so personal, it’s a part of ourselves, and for someone else to steal that and put their own name on it – it’s just a horrible violation. What can be done about it? I honestly have no idea. I appreciate that Amazon has taken the books down quickly, but I believe B&N and Kobo are still selling books ‘by Addison Scott’ despite being informed of the situation – so I suppose a more stringent policy on the part of sellers would be a good start.

It just confuses me why this person feels the need to do this in the first place. I’m sure most of us will agree that unless you’re a big name then ebook publishing is not exactly lucrative! If you didn’t have a love of writing then there are surely much easier ways to make money. Most of us go into it because we love what we do, because we enjoy interacting with our readers, because feedback on our work means the world to us – I honestly don’t understand what this person would get out of it when every nice comment, every positive review they received they would have to know was about someone else’s words.

At least we can take a positive out of this that the genuine writing/reading community has not only spotted and flagged up this issue in the first place, but is united in condemning it. With a few less positive issues around at the moment, it’s nice to see people coming together and supporting each other. Let’s hope it continues.

Take care x

Scarlett Legacy Release Day!

Published January 9, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

It’s release day, it’s release day, it’s release day *does a little happy dance*! cute wolfIn case you can’t guess I’m a bit excited 🙂 There really is no feeling in the world like finally seeing all your work pay off and your baby being sent out into the world. Scarlett Legacy is a story that has been rather slow coming and perhaps that has given me longer to get to know the characters, but I’ve definitely got extremely attached my wolves, and I really hope my readers love them too!

So, I thought I would share another wee teaser, just because I’m in such a good mood (and, you know, cause I love you all!)

She sat there as though frozen, anticipation running through her, unable to take her eyes from him. Waiting. There was an odd tingling in the air, a shimmer that seemed to move toward her in an invisible wave. She frowned, feeling it as an unconscious brush on her skin, when Damian suddenly threw his head back, his hands clenching at his sides and his whole body tensing. He looked as though he was in pain and her first thought was to go to him. She actually shifted as though to move.
Then, an odd shudder seemed to run through him. She stared in shock as his body began to contort. Muscles almost seemed to be popping, his limbs stretching, deforming, his face lengthening, narrowing, and thick hair covered his body. He bent over double, and then she realized that he was now on all fours, and the fours were paws and his clothes had been replaced by thick white and grey fur, and his face lengthened into a muzzle. He shook himself, and then looked up, straight at her, that amber gaze shockingly the same, and yet totally alien and feral in a wolf’s face.
Natalia’s jaw dropped. She was unable to move, unable to speak, her eyes simply gazing in shocked horror and complete disbelief. This really could not be happening. Any minute now, she was going to wake up in her bed after drinking way too much wine at the party, and this was all going to be a messed up dream. The huge wolf stepped toward her, his lip drawing back over rows of jagged white teeth, and she gave a squeak of fear.

amazon push promoWell, hopefully I might have tempted you – and don’t forget I’m running my Amazon Push today and tomorrow. Buy Scarlett Legacy from Amazon and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win some lovely prizes, including free ebooks and a really pretty wolf trinket box.

The buy links are here:

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I’m also going to be running a Release Day Party over on Facebook – so please drop by and join the fun! 🙂

Take care x

Mid-week Teaser and Amazon Push

Published January 7, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, it’s Wednesday – known by some as hump day! I must admit it’s been a little bit of a drag getting back to the work grind this week, so I thought I would spread a bit of cheer and share a wee teaser from Scarlett Legacy. This is Damian seeing Natalia for the first time, and while I defend the guy against most things, I must admit he wasn’t having the purest of thoughts (hey, no one’s perfect!). Let me know what you think 🙂

Damian’s jaw clenched as he watched her amble through the woods, seemingly lost in her own world and paying no attention to any possible dangers. He lifted his head, breathing in deeply to take in her scent on the drifting breeze. While he’d been expecting a reaction it still hit him like a sucker punch in his gut. His stomach clenched and his body hardened.

His inner beast was already raging at him. The burning need to mark her, to possess her, rising up within like a force of nature but he grit his teeth and forced it down. He was not some undisciplined pup unable to control himself. Years of leading his people had driven into him patience and control above all else.

Instead, he forced himself to stay hidden for now, easily keeping pace with her. She was exactly as he’d always imagined—dark curls flowed down her back and framed delicate features, high cheekbones, and huge dark eyes with thick lashes. Everything about her drew him in, but he’d waited too long to rush things now.

When he’d first sensed her, that indescribable pull that couldn’t be anything else, he’d thought he was going crazy. He’d given up hope long ago, and yet there she was, walking through his woods as though she’d always been meant to be there.

He watched as she paused, looking around her with confusion on her face. She turned in a slow circle, her brow furrowed, and her teeth biting into her lush bottom lip. She was lost, he realized. Well, that was just perfect. His teeth bared in a wicked smile, he could go and “rescue” her. She would think he was Prince Charming when actually he was the big bad wolf.

amazon push promoI can’t believe it’s out in just 2 days – eek! I’m starting to get very excited, and I’m hoping you are too. I’m going to try something a little different for this one and attempt to do an Amazon Push. This means that I’m asking everyone to buy Scarlett Legacy on Amazon on release day or the day after. If more people are buying within a shorter time period then it boosts it up in the Amazon rankings and gets it lots of shiny extra exposure (and if it gets to a certain level then Amazon will start promoting it!). Now, because I’m well aware I’m asking you all a big favour here, I’m going to try and make it worth your while 🙂 So, not only do you get a shiny new book to read, but if you buy it on Friday or Saturday and send me proof of purchase (so, just a screen shot, email copy or Amazon code) then you’ll be entered into a prize giveaway. Prizes will include ebooks, promo goodies and a grand prize of a gorgeous wolfie trinket box (and  it really is so pretty, I might need to get a second one to keep lol).

I’m also running a Release Day Party on Facebook here, with giveaways, teasers and cake (okay, it’s virtual cake, but at least it has no calories!) so would be great if you could drop by and join the fun! 🙂

Take care x

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