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My Sexy Saturday – 24th Jan 2015

Published January 24, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Today I’m back on the My Sexy Saturday blog hop, and the theme this week is ‘you’re so sexy’- those characters whose sexiness just exudes off the page. Now my writing this week has been very zombie related, and I must admit not particularly sexy lol, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I revert back to my new release – where my Big Bad Wolf hero has the sexy thing down pat 🙂

red and wolf

Natalia was trying very hard not to panic. When she’d pulled herself from her wool gathering, she had no clue where she was and very little idea of which direction she’d come from. If that wasn’t bad enough, “something” was heading toward her and it sounded big. Christ, were there bears in this part of the world, or wolves, or wild boars? God, she should have stayed home. Was being cheated on really so bad compared with being eaten by a bear?

The trees in front of her suddenly parted and a figure walked through. Her first thought was, thank God, it’s a just a man. Her second was, jeez, that’s one seriously hot man!

He was tall, taller than her, which was a rarity. Kevin had always complained that she towered over him when she wore heels, but this man had a good foot on her! He obviously worked out; camouflage combat pants encased long legs and a knitted sweater clung to broad shoulders and what she could tell was a defined chest even through the layers. Jet black hair hung in surprisingly shaggy locks to his shoulders, but it suited him, framing a rugged face with chiseled features and the strangest eyes she’d ever seen—a deep amber color that seemed to hold her mesmerized.

He chuckled and Natalia abruptly realized she stood gawking at him, while he gazed back at her with a slightly amused look on his face. She quickly looked away, heat searing her cheeks. God, she must look like some kind of nutcase. She really hadn’t expected to see anyone else out in the middle of nowhere though, especially someone like this.

He took a step forward and startled, she stepped back. The look of amusement deepened and he held up a hand. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you. I didn’t expect to see anyone else out here.”

His voice was deep, rich, with a slight accent running through it. She could feel it rubbing down her spine like velvet. Concentrate, her brain snapped at her.

Hmmm, now why do I never find someone that walking in the woods? *pouts*

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And don’t forget to check out the rest of the fab My Sexy Saturday excerpts over here. 🙂

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Be Mine Blog Tour

Published January 20, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

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Wolf Facts Week – Day 7

Published January 18, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, it’s the last day of my Wolf Facts Week, and I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. If there’s interest I might possibly add a Wolf Facts Day during the week (yup, I still have some left!). Today though it seemed apt to go back to what originally started my wolf research, and look at the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood.




Wolf fact #6

Dore_ridinghoodAs with most fairy tales the original versions tend to be a lot darker than the one we might be familiar with from our childhoods. The oldest version of the story seems to be from 14th century Italy, there was no red hood is this version, the wolf was actually a werewolf and, as you might expect, there is no ‘happy ending’ – the wolf wins and the girl dies. The moral was supposed to be not to talk/listen to strangers (maybe a little harsh?)

The first written version of the story was by Charles Perrault, who added the red cloak as a symbol of the girl’s sexual maturity, while the wolf was supposed to represent the sexual predator, seducing her off the moral path. It was a cautionary tale, warning young women of the dangers of men. The Brothers Grimm version, that we are probably more familiar with, was take directly from this but they added the ‘happy ending’ of having the woodsman come along to rescue Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother and kill the wolf.

images9This was one of the earliest examples of the wolf being used a symbol of sexual predation, and it still continues to this name in common terms and cliches. For example, a predatory man may be described as a ‘wolf’, while a whistle to indicate that someone is sexy is called a ‘wolf whistle’.




I find the way stories and fairy tales change and are adapted through history fascinating. The core of the story remains, but it is updated and tweaked for the current audience. Little Red Riding Hood is one that has seen numerous versions and adaptations, in novels, movies, television etc. I really enjoyed being able to do my version, and I hope it fits in somewhere 🙂

Thanks so much to all who have stayed for the week. I hope you’ve enjoyed, and there will be more coming soon!

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Wolf Facts Week – Day 6

Published January 17, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Oops, I seem to be running a little late with Day 6 in Wolf Facts Week. Hopefully you’ll forgive me 🙂 While Day 5 was going way back to the Vikings and Norse mythology, today we’re going a little more modern. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and since I’ve previous discussed how mythology influences my own writing, it’s fascinating for me to see when other writers do the same, especially the ‘big names’ in the industry.

hp werewolf




Wolf fact #5

fenrir greybackYesterday we talked about wolves in Norse mythology, and one of the more famous myths of Fenrir. Some of the other Potter-files out there might have thought of Fenrir Greyback, and it’s no coincidence that he was named after the great wolf who was feared to one day destroy the world.

In the Harry Potter universe, Remus Lupin, is a werewolf. The name Remus coming from the twins Romulus and Remus, who are considered in legend as the founders of Rome who suckled on a wolf, and Lupin, coming from the latin lupus, which means wolf. (The poor man never had a chance, huh?) J.K. Rowling tends to a theme for giving characters names that are significant, and are often taken from mythology.

remusLupin’s condition of lycanthropy, which comes from the combined Greek terms for ‘wolf’ and ‘man’, was described by Rowing as a metaphor for all those illnesses that carry a stigma, like HIV and AIDs. “All kinds of superstitions seem to surround blood-borne conditions, probably due to taboos surrounding blood itself. The wizarding community is as prone to hysteria and prejudice as the Muggle one, and the character of Lupin gave me a chance to examine those attitudes.” We see not only how Lupin can be shunned by the community, but also his own self-loathing about his condition, to the extent that he doesn’t believe he deserves to have love and a family.







I think we can all relate to that feeling of insecurity and worthlessness sometimes – I’m guessing not due to lycanthropy, but we all have things we dislike about ourselves and that we wonder if anyone will ever be able to love us for. My characters are no different, and I hope it’s one of the things that makes them relatable to.

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Wolf Facts Week – Day 5

Published January 16, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

We’re onto Day 5 in Wolf Facts Week. I’m visiting family this weekend, which I’m looking forward to, but hopefully shall squeeze the rest of your facts inbetween 🙂 Wolves are prominent in legend and mythology – today, we’re looking in particular at the Vikings.




Wolf fact #5

viking wolf

The Vikings wore wolf skins and drank wolf blood to take on the wolf’s spirit in battle. They also viewed real wolves as battle companions or hrægifr (corpse trolls).


Norse mythology is rich with depictions of wolves. Fenrir, one of the sons of Loki, was a great wolf. The other gods became afraid of Fenrir because the prophecies said he would cause great harm to them and would be the death of their leader Odin. They wanted to trick him into being bound in magical fetters, however Fenrir suspected it was a deception and refused to try them on on unless one of the god put their hand in his mouth as a sign of trust. The god Tyr agreed to do this, and when the shackles tightened and bound the wolf he bit off Tyr’s hand. Fenrir was trapped deep underground and it is said that he will remain there until Ragnarök (the Norse version of the Apocalypse, a great battle where many of their main gods will die).

loki sons




I’ve always been fascinated by mythology, and the Norse legends provide a rich library of gods, heroes and monsters (though it’s not always clear which is which). They also provide an endless source of inspiration and influence for my stories, though usually with an updated twist 🙂

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Wolf Facts Week – Day 4

Published January 15, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well it’s now day 4 in my Wolf Facts Week – we’re just speeding through them! I really hope you’re enjoying, and as always feel free to leave feedback 🙂

wolves in love


Wolf fact #4

wolf coupleUnlike the ‘lone wolf’ pictured in most fairytales, most wolves develop close relationships and strong social bonds. They often demonstrate deep affection for their family and may even sacrifice themselves to protect the family unit.

Once a wolf has found a mate, the male and female usually stay together for life. They are devoted parents and maintain sophisticated family ties.




It can be tricky writing stories that contain shifters, you want to try and incorporate the ‘animal’ side, but at the same time the relationships, and for me especially the romance side, still need to be relatable to in a human context. The fact that wolves mate for life, and have such strong social groups and family ties makes it easier to combine the wolf and human sides of my shifters. After all, they have the common theme of searching for a partner to spend their life with.

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Wolf Facts Week – Day 3

Published January 14, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Welcome to day 3 in my Wolf Facts Week 🙂 As you know my new release is inspired by the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood – which, of course, has the Wolf as the bad guy, preying on the poor innocent girl and her grandmother. It’s not the only tale to cast a wolf in this role. The wolf has been the notorious villain of fables and fairy stories for centuries, yet this highly intelligent and sociable animal has done little to warrant its terrifying reputation.

fierce wolf


Wolf fact #3

Many of the wolves that are portrayed as villains in both stories and movies are black wolves.  However, did you know that black wolves don’t occur naturally?

A 2008 study at Stanford University found that the mutation responsible for black fur occurs only in dogs, so black wolves are the result of gray wolves breeding back with domestic canines. The mutation is a dominant trait, like dark hair in humans, and is passed down to the majority of offspring.

It is not entirely clear what benefit black fur has for the animals; they do not seem to be more successful hunters, but do show a marked improvement in immunity to certain infections. Black wolves are far more common in North America than they are in the rest of the world.



pair of wolvesI’ve always had a soft spot for a villain, so the chance to try and ‘redeem’ the Big Bad Wolf was rather irresistible 🙂 I had originally pictured Damian as a black wolf when he was in his shifter form, but after learning the fact above, I realised that wouldn’t fit in with the pack history and backstory. Sometimes, research pays off! Besides, I think he works rather well as a grey wolf, even if I am a little biased.

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Wolf Facts Week – Day 2

Published January 13, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

So, we’re on to day two in my Wolf Facts Week 🙂 Now admittedly it’s only Tuesday, but it’s been a cold, wet and windy start to the week here in Scotland and I think we need some cheering up – and what better way then with some wolf pup cuteness.

baby wolves in snow



Wolf fact #2

Wolf pups are born blind and deaf, depending completely on their mother and other members of the pack.
cute baby wolf

All the wolves in a pack help take care of the pups. When the pups are very small, other pack members bring food to the mother so she does not have to leave the den. When they are a little bigger, pack members “take turns” bringing them food, playing with them and even “baby sitting.” Once the pups are about eight weeks old, they leave the den and start using “rendezvous sites.” These are meeting places where the wolves gather to sleep, play and just “hang out.” Until the pups are around seven months old, and able to start hunting with the rest of the pack, they stay at the rendezvous site. Often, one of the adult wolves stays with the pups to watch over them.

baby wolves


Most wolf pups are born with blue eyes, which gradually change to a yellow-gold color by eight to sixteen weeks, though sometimes their eyes can change color much later. Occasionally, a mature wolf will be found with blue eyes.



I really love the strong social and family bonds shown by wolf packs, and wanted this to come across in Scarlett Legacy. Plus, there’s definitely going to be more details on wolf pups in the later books!

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Wolf Facts Week – Day 1

Published January 12, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

So, I had great fun with the Scarlett Legacy release day party, especially being able to share some fun, and hopefully interesting, wolf facts. I’ve always loved wolves, but sadly, just like my own Big Bad Wolf in Scarlett Legacy, they have been persecuted and misunderstood throughout history. From being cast as the villains in fairytales to having their natural habitats destroyed, they have tended to have a hard time of it.



I thought this week it might be nice to share some of the wolf facts I found through my research, and show that they aren’t the scary creatures they’re often made out to be. I hope you enjoy!



Wolf fact #1

packWolf packs are established according to a strict hierarchy, with a dominant alpha male at the top and alpha female not far behind. Usually this male and female are the only animals of the pack to breed. Packs consist of between five and ten animals – usually offspring from several years. All of a pack’s adults help to care for young pups by bringing them food and watching them while others hunt.


Although my wolves aren’t exactly ‘standard’ I wanted to make sure they still had some of the pack hierarchy and Damian is definitely in charge as Alpha. That also means that he is responsible for the safety and well-being of the pack though, which is something he takes very seriously.

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My Sexy Saturday – 10th Jan 2015

Published January 10, 2015 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Apologies for this post being a bit late today – it was the online release party for Scarlett Legacy last night, and I guess virtual champagne must be stronger than you think 🙂

Anyway, I’m really happy to be back on the My Sexy Saturday blog post, and it’s probably no surprise that my excerpt is going to be from my new release. Hope you enjoy!

Damian caught his breath as he finally saw her. He’d been half convinced she’d have run away, knowing she must be confused about what was happening. He probably shouldn’t have spoken to her, but the weight of her pain, her complete loneliness, had been too much for him to bear. It had been impossible for him to stop himself from reaching out to her, to try to do anything in his power to ease her pain even a little. Now, she stood facing him, her hands clenched tightly by her sides, but she met him straight on.
Just the sight of her made his blood sing and his heart pound, but he forced himself to push that down. She was upset and needed comfort, not passion, right now. He stopped right in front of her and her eyes widened slightly but she didn’t back away.
“You’re actually here,” she whispered, complete disbelief in her voice. “You came.”
“I said I would,” he replied and, because he couldn’t stop himself from touching her, ran his finger down the petal soft skin of her cheek. Lightly tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear, he looked down at her. Her eyes closed a moment, and when she opened them again, they were watery.
“Why would you do that?”
He was surprised she’d asked why rather than how, but he answered her as honestly as he could. “Because I couldn’t not do.”


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Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

When Natalia rents a holiday cottage she is looking for peace and quiet, a place to reassess her life and recover from her failed relationship. Instead she finds a man who turns her world upside down.

However, people and things are not as they seem, and Natalia begins to find that legends are real and fairy tales have a basis in reality. As she grows closer to the enigmatic Damian she finds herself tested as danger and passion go in hand in hand, and everything she thought she knew about the world will be questioned.

After years of waiting Damian had given up hope that he would ever find his destined mate, and he certainly never expected her to be a sassy American who has no idea that his world even exists. Can he convince Natalia to believe in the impossible, and more importantly, can he protect her from those who seek to destroy his people.


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And don’t forget to check out the rest of the fab My Sexy Saturday excerpts over here. 🙂

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