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Review – Slow Burn by Leona Bushman

Published February 24, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

I’m going to be starting having regular guest posts and reviews on a Monday, and am thrilled to be able to kick off with a review of ‘Slow Burn’ by Leona Bushman. Now, as some of you may know Leona is my editor at Breathless Press so it’s a good job I love her (and am scared of her shiny red pen!) or I would be extremely jealous of just how multi-talented she is. That said – all reviews are honest opinion and unsolicited in any way. Enjoy x


Slow Burn


Karla dreamt of camping in the Cascade Mountains with her sexy coworker, Sebastian. Sebastian fantasized about having Karla. Will a virus destroy their future before they even have a chance?

Review: 4 Stars

After fairly recently being converted to The Walking Dead I was in need of a zombie fix while I wait on the next episode! This definitely delivers on that. Like Walking Dead it is much more about the characters than the zombies and the mix of romance and horror was very well balanced. The zombie story itself was well thought out and although I don’t read a lot in this genre I haven’t seen it dealt with this way before, it had some interesting and unique twists to the typical zombie trope.

The pace was good, constantly holding my attention and balancing the emotional/romance scenes and the external horror scenes well. It definitely provides an emotional roller-coaster at times – I went from smiling to hiding under the covers to reaching for the tissues. The style of writing also had some nice touches, I liked the diary entries at the starts of the chapters. It gave it an interesting double timeframe and gave some tantalising hints of what was to come.

Character-wise, I loved Sebastian, if you do have to run for your life from zombies, well you want someone like this to do it with! He had a definite alpha male streak, yet would still step back and trust Kara to get things done; that along with the sex appeal, caring nature and struggling single father role thrown in will combine to create your next book boyfriend crush 🙂

Kara in contrast didn’t seem quite as well developed, but she was still relatable and I liked that she was tough in the face of difficult situations. Perhaps I’m just slightly resentful as the woman seems capable of orgasming with the barest of touches. 🙂 That was my only minor complaint about the otherwise well written and steamy sex scenes.

Overall the story was well written and would highly recommend. I would have perhaps liked a little more information about the end, it seemed to tie up rather quickly, but the way it was handled was believable and even the character reactions done well. (Oh, and I still don’t think I’ve forgiven the author for the dog and the horses!) But, if like me you’re waiting on your next Daryl fix then this hits the spot nicely 🙂

If you’d like to get your hands on it, you can buy Slow Burn at the following places:

Breathless Press


Amazon UK

Let me know what you think – and happy Monday 🙂

Weekend Writing Warriors – 23/02/2014

Published February 23, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, it’s finally weekend and has been another busy week (hmm, when is it not lately lol?) Have been deep in the writing cave and finally finished the first draft of Psychic Shadows – woot! 🙂 Am going to give it a few weeks breathing space before starting on edits and expanding some bits but lots of other things to do in the meantime.

Today is also my first week joining in the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop and am excited to be involved 🙂 My 8 sentences are from ‘Tempting Sin’ – one of my stories in the My Bloody Valentine anthology. Hope you enjoy x

He released her. She knew she ought to rail at him, but instead her fingers crept to her swollen lips, feeling oddly bereft.
“I have watched you for a long time, Isaura. You are not meant to be on high, it is not where you belong.”
Isaura wanted to protest, but she had had the same doubts, the same questions herself lately.
“Where do I belong then?” she whispered.
He smiled at her, “With me.”
Shock went through her. “I can’t, I would have to fall.”


You can buy it at the following places:


Amazon UK

Breathless Press

And don’t forget to check out the other great excerpts here


Happy Sunday x

My Sexy Saturday – 15th Feb 2014

Published February 15, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

It’s Saturday – which means time for the My Sexy Saturday blog hop! Hope everyone had a fun day yesterday, no matter what you got up to 🙂 It may not be a huge surprise that my excerpt this week is from the My Bloody Valentine anthology, which was released yesterday. I have two stories in it, and this is from ‘Siren’s Call’. My hero, Ciaran, is perhaps not your typical leading man – he’s insecure, inexperienced and has no luck with women. When he meets a mysterious woman on the beach in moonlight – his luck maybe about to change. However these stories are all dark romance, and things are not always what they seem 🙂

He meandered slowly, hands in his pockets. This would be a romantic situation if he only had someone to share it with. He scuffed his feet through the sandy pebbles. Yeah, right. His friends were always laughing at his bad luck with women, and that was if he even got up the courage to talk to them in the first place. Was it really his fault that he preferred books to sports, that he couldn’t lift weights to save his life—and he’d probably be just as skinny if he did?

Lost in his self-pity, at first he wasn’t sure what the shape on the rock was. When he actually made it out, he was convinced he must be seeing things. He slowly moved closer, mouth gaping in disbelief. Sitting on the rock, bathed in the moonlight, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Her skin glowed pure white in the moonlight; her hair streamed down her back and over her breasts. She was slowly running a comb through it, and his eyes became glued to the motion. At the moment it lifted at the front, he caught a glimpse of perfectly formed alabaster breasts. When he managed to drag his eyes up to her face it was a vision, delicate and heart-shaped, with huge eyes and full, pouting lips that pursed as she hummed a haunting melody.

He stepped forward, half-convinced that he was still in his bed, asleep. At any moment now he was going to wake up, probably after embarrassing himself like he had as a teenager. Instead, he saw her eyes widen in shock, the comb stilling in her long tresses as she looked at him with fear. For a moment, she seemed frozen before turning as though to run.

“Wait,” he cried out. “I won’t hurt you, please don’t go!”

The woman turned, her huge eyes lit with curiosity.

“I’m Ciaran,” he told her. “What’s your name?”

The woman rose gracefully from the rocks, and he gulped as he realized she was completely naked. She glided towards him and he tried to subtly adjust his pants as his body hardened uncomfortably.


You can buy it at the following places:


Amazon UK

Breathless Press

I really hope you enjoy! I’m also giving away a free copy to someone who posts on my blog this week, so just leave me a comment for a chance to win.

If you’d like to check out the rest of the fab excerpts this week then check out the full list here.

Happy Saturday! x

My Bloody Valentine – Release Day!

Published February 14, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s release day for me, so am very excited.
My Bloody Valentine is out with Breathless Press – I have two shorts in it:
Tempting Sin
Isaura is an angel, she should be above feelings of restlessness and desire. Yet one scorching kiss from a demon, and she’s tempted beyond belief. All she can think about is that she desperately wants more. But for that Isuara would need to fall from heaven, risking her body and her heart on the chance that she can tempt sin as well.

Siren’s Call
Ciaran is well aware that he’s not exactly God’s gift to women, so when a midnight stroll on the beach leads to the most beautiful woman he’d ever met jumping his bones then he fairly logically assumes he must be dreaming.
The fact that she disappears into thin air the next morning only adds to that, but Ciaran finds he just can’t let it go. He will do anything to see his mystery woman again. Anything.

I’ve also been reading the other stories in it over the past few days – and let me tell you I’m in some very talented company here. I’ve laughed, cried, been surprised, hidden under the covers and needed a cold shower! I will try and post a review up this weekend but in the meantime, let me just say it’s definitely what the Valentine’s Day fairy ordered 🙂

You can buy it at the following places:


Amazon UK

Breathless Press

I really hope you enjoy it! I’m also going to give away a free copy this week, to be in with a chance to win then just leave me a comment and tell me what your plans are for Valentine’s Day. Do you go all out, or do you not bother? I must admit I tend to shy away from the whole commercial side of it so me and my other half don’t bother with the cards and flowers – but just having a chilled out night together and a few drinks is fine with me 🙂 Whatever you’ve got planned – have fun! x

Valentine’s Free Read – Part 4

Published February 13, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I’m very excited about the My Bloody Valentine anthology being released tomorrow, which I have two short reads in. I’ve also been busy with writes on Psychic Shadows and edits on a shifter novella that will hopefully be subbed somewhere soon. It’s all go!

Don’t worry though, I didn’t forget that I promised you the final part of my serial free read before Valentine’s Day 🙂 It does get a wee bit steamy, so consider this your warning! If you’re still here (lol) then read on…

Jess frowned, so he always felt like this, did he? It was just being in contact with any female after years of being locked away that had sent his libido into over-drive — even over someone like her. Before she could even finish that thought he had dragged her against him. A muffled squeak left her lips as she was brought up against the hard muscled wall of his chest but when she lifted her gaze to his the black eyes were furious.

“I have been trapped for three thousand years, and summoned over four hundred times in that period, and I have never felt this before.” He spat at her.

Before she could even process the wonder of that statement, his lips had covered hers with a burning intensity. He devoured her like a starving man, and she was helpless not to respond. Her arms snaked up around his neck, burrowing into his hair while she crushed her body against him, her nipples hardening against his chest and moisture already pooling between her legs. His large hands slid down to her ass, cupping her and pressing her against the growing evidence of his arousal and a whimper of longing escaped her lips. He pulled back, his breathing laboured.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered. “I told you I should go.”

“No,” she whispered, dragging his lips back against hers, her tongue slipping into his mouth and drawing a surprised groan from him.

She was shocked at herself, to be honest, she didn’t really do one-night stands, but she had never known anyone sent her blood racing like this man – or whatever the hell he was. More than that though, the pain in his voice when he talked made her heart ache for him. If he had only one night then they could make it one to remember.

“Are you sure?” His voice was incredulous, the wary hope on his face making her ache even more.

“Stay with me,” she murmured, and he dipped his head again.

His lips feathered against her cheek, down her throat, over her collar bone, before he drew back to pull her t-shirt over her head. His hands lightly ran over the satin cups of her bra, before he reached around her to unclasp it. Jess dropped her arms and it slipped to the floor. His hand shook slightly as he gently cupped her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over the aching nipples with a look of complete reverence on his face.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmured.

She opened her mouth to protest. Really, she was so not – she was short and overweight and her hair always frizzed when it wasn’t supposed to… then he bent and took her nipple in her mouth and any objections disappeared in a surge of pleasure. Her head fell back as she laced her hands into his hair, the soft locks sliding through her fingers as she clutched him against her. His lips slid lower, brushing over her stomach like butterfly wings and then his fingers hooked in the waistband of her pants, slipping them and her panties down her legs until she stepped out of them and stood naked before him. He glanced up at her under his brows, and his gaze turned wicked as he spread her legs apart and his tongue slipped between them.

Jess ceased thinking altogether, God damn the man was good! He literally devoured her, licking and sucking and lightly nipping until she was clutching at his shoulders just to hold herself up as she screamed out her release. She was barely floating back to earth when he was easing her down onto the thick rug. He had stripped off the tight pants, and damn he was just as gorgeous underneath them. Her hand slipped between them to caress and stroke his thick length and he groaned, his teeth setting.

“Later, honey,” he promised her, removing her hand and settling himself between her legs.

He covered her mouth with his against and she moaned against his lips as she felt him gently sliding between her legs. He treated her like she was china, carefully easing in and letting her get used to his fullness. That was not what she needed right now! Her arms wrapped around his, her legs lifted to hook around his hips and she rocked urgently against him. He groaned into her mouth.

“I’m trying to be gentle.” He told her crossly, “Isn’t that what human women want?”

Jess lightly bit on his ear. “Not this one. I won’t break, but I might die if you don’t fuck me, properly, right now.”

He gazed down at her a long moment, and she wasn’t sure if she had said the wrong thing, then the most amazing smile spread across his entire face. It transformed him, lit up the black eyes. He pulled out and she was about to protest, when he suddenly slammed his full length into her. Jess cried out as pleasure shot through her, and he began pounding into her, over and over, their flesh slapping together, their bodies sliding against one another. She could feel him getting more urgent as her own cries grew louder and her pleasure spiralled higher and higher. He gave one last desperate thrust and she exploded; her body shattering into a million pieces as she soared up to stars. She could feel him spilling inside her, his guttural groans mingling with her own. Then he was collapsing against her, his heavy weight deliciously crushing her as the tension slowly drained out of his body.

“Oh my God,” she managed to get out as she slowly managed to breath again. Nothing had ever come close to that for her before. It put the sexual relationship she’d shared with her ex into a pathetic pale shadow, and in a blaze of realisation she suddenly saw what she was doing. She was so hung up on him, on what he’d done to her, that she was missing out on the rest of her life. He was a dick, so why the hell was she letting him win by dwelling on him and not moving on to better things? To better people.

Her hand stroked through the dark hair of the man led on top of her. He had shown more care for her needs and her pleasure in the last hour then her ex had in their whole relationship. Her wish suddenly came back to her in startling clarity. Oh God, what had she done? Jess sat up suddenly and he came with her, his eyes concerned.

“What wrong, honey?” Pain suddenly crossed his face. “Do you regret just doing that?”

The look she shot him was incredulous. “Good God, no!” His body relaxed a little.

“What’s wrong then?”

“My wish, is it too late to change it?”

He smiled slowly. “I may have not quite completed it yet.”

She grinned at him, suddenly feeling giddy. “You may not?”

That adorable flush was on his cheeks again. “I hoped you might reconsider before the dawn came.” His voice was serious. “I didn’t want you to be stuck in revenge, you deserve so much more than that, Jessica. I want you to be happy, to find your true love.”

Her elation slowly faded, she actually couldn’t imagine feeling what she’d just felt with him with anyone else.

“Is there no way for you…” her voice trailed off and he shook his head sadly.

“I’m cursed, and that is my life. But you, you can have more than that. Just wish for it.”

She sighed sadly. “What do I do?”

He took her hand. “Just close your eyes. Wish to be happy, to find your true love and live the rest of your life with him.”

Jess closed her eyes, the images wavered through her unshed tears as she pictured her future. An odd humming filled the air and she see a glow building behind her eyes. She slowly opened them to see that the glow was coming from the bottle on the table. As she watched it rose into the air, spinning as coloured lights flashed and glowed from it. Drakal was staring at it, his mouth open and fear in his eyes. Then before their astonished gaze it shattered.

Drakal cried out in fear and shock. A shimmering dust spread out to float on air for a moment before slowly disappearing. He stared at a long moment, gently patting his body as though he was expecting it to disappear. He turned to Jess in shock.

“What did you do?”

She smiled at him. “I wished to be happy with my true love, and both me and the bottle knew that was you.”

She saw disbelief being replaced by a dawning joy and then his lips came crashing down on hers. She wrapped her arms around him, drawing him down closer, surrendering completely to his touch, and her future.

See, I couldn’t leave you the day before Valentine’s Day without a happy ending 🙂 I really hope you enjoyed it, and as always comments more than welcome.

New Release – Panthers & Precincts by D.F. Krieger

Published February 11, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Today, I have the fabulous and extremely talented D.F. Krieger joining me to talk about her new release Panthers and Precincts. It’s the first book in her brand new Faxfire Series, so she’s sharing with us her ten favourite things about writing it. Enjoy!

10 Reasons I Love Writing the Faxfire Series

1.      It’s really fun to write a snarky character like Zeara. It comes easy as I suppose I’ve modeled a good deal of her after my own personality.

2.      This series allows me to explore my own versions of various creatures, and apply my own method of science as to how and why they exist. That’s some fun crap when you’re an author.

3.      Magic is just freaking awesome. Magic is truly the mascot of this series, and since I know things about him you don’t know, I’ll just say he’ll continue to be a major character.

4.      Karma really is a bitch, but gods do I love her. I swear I channel all the ancient ideas of justice and walk the line of good and evil when she appears on the pages.

5.      I love seeing fans talk about the characters as if they are real people. When a character crosses the line between being fictional to being “someone,” that just becomes epic.

6.      Animal empathy simply does not get props as a psychic power like it should. I aim to change that with the Faxfire Series. It helps to write about a topic with experience under my belt.

7.      Being able to type words like Okapi and Bongo in context makes me smile. I dare you to Google them. They really exist and they are awesome!

8.      Having at least 5 books, if not more, already mapped and planned out makes life easier. The way these characters keep talking, there’s a good chance we’ll see a wide variety of creatures and scenarios from them.

9.      This series is my first ever that will be available in print. Print. Any author’s dream. Yeah, it just got real…or it will, in May.

10.  The next book will always be more awesome than the last!


Meet Zeara—zoologist, crime solver, and crazy cat lady. Throw a literate panther and a sexy detective into the mix and watch the trouble ensue.

People didn’t just happen to “drop by for a visit” at midnight. Whoever was on the other side of that door either had a good reason, one that she probably didn’t want to hear, or would wish they had once she finished tearing them apart.

Dr. Zeara Faxfire and her side-kick cat, Magic, are on the case when a panther is discovered during a police investigation of a missing boy. The fact the panther can write is only slightly scarier than Zeara’s attraction to Detective Markovich. Add a little magic, some mayhem, and scientific proof of the paranormal, and she ends up knee-deep in trouble. Can she find the missing boy, solve the riddle of the panther, and face her own past before time runs out? Or will the only way to give everyone a happy ending come at the expense of the job she loves?

If you’re now as excited as me to get your grubby mitts on it then you can buy here 🙂

Breathless Press



And when you get hooked and are desperate for book 2 – you can follow D.F. Krieger at her:



or the specific Faxfire Series Facebook Page here.

It’s definitely been added to my TBR list 🙂 Take care all x

Hearts on Fire Valentine’s Hop

Published February 10, 2014 by shellirosewarne

HOFBlogHop2014Hi all,

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m taking part in the Hearts on Fire Valentine’s Hop, sponsored by Close Encounters of the Night Kind, Read Between the Lines and authors Eve Langlais, Victoria Danann and Kym Grosso. There are loads of prizes to giveaway, including signed paperbacks by all three authors and a grand prize of this gorgeous ruby heart pendant. RubyNecklace

For a chance to win, the organisers have shared their Top Favourite Romantic Movies. Simply share in the comments what you think number ten should be. Do you like the classics – maybe Dirty Dancing or an Officer and a Gentleman, what about something a little funny and unconventional like When Harry Met Sally or Juno, or a classic novel adaptation like Price and Prejudice. Let us know below.


1. The Princess Bride – Eve (because I love a giggle with my romantic fairy tales)

2. Pretty Woman – Eve (gotta love a poor girl/rich guy flick)

3. Warm Bodies – Eve (Zombies can be sexy, lol)

4. Sabrina – Kym

5. The Proposal – Kym

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Kym

7. A Walk in the Clouds – Victoria

8. The Notebook – Victoria

9. Made in Heaven – Victoria

10. _______________________ What’s yours?

And since it’s nearly Valentine’s Day and I’m looking forward to the release of the My Bloody Valentine anthology, including two of my short stories, then one person leaving a comment here will win a free ebook copy of it. mybloodyvalentine_267x400

Tempting Sin � Shelli Rosewarne

Sin is designed to be tempting, and sometimes not even an angel can resist.

Siren’s Call � Shelli Rosewarne

When Ciaran meets the mysterious Rae, he is convinced she is his dream woman. But what will he have to do to keep her?

It’s up for pre-release now at the Breathless Press site here.

Check out the other great stops on the hop here:

Happy Valentine’s Day! x

My Sexy Saturday – 8th Feb 2014

Published February 8, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Well, it’s finally weekend (woot!) so here we are back with the fab My Sexy Saturday blog hop. This week’s theme is couples who can’t get enough of each other 🙂 Ooh, I may be spoilt for choice! I do love the chemistry between a couple, I think it’s so important for a good romance – but then it’s blending that with their deeper emotions, the obstacles in their way and of course those pesky outer influences that always seem to get in the way!

This excerpt is seven paragraphs from my current WIP Psychic Shadows, where things may be hotting up between my hero and heroine. I hope you enjoy x

His face was shuttered. “If you let them in then they only make you regret it.”

Frustration welled up. “Half the time I have no idea if you’re even feeling anything.”

He took a step closer, she felt the heat from his body and it seemed to spread out over her in glowing tingles of warmth. “You don’t think I feel anything?”

Shannon felt her mouth dry up. She swallowed, before her tongue unconsciously slipped out to moisten her lips. His eyes followed every movement, like a predator about to pounce. She ought to be running, the self-preservation part of her brain was shouting that out very loudly. Instead she stood frozen as his hand lifted, lightly stroking down her cheek, before tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. The movement was innocent, light, and yet the look in his eyes wasn’t and she felt like her skin was burning up where he’d touched her. She swayed slightly, desire hanging in the air like a visible presence. His hand slipped to the nape of her neck, tilting her head upwards. Her lips parted, almost against her will and she was helpless to resist as he leaned towards her. Since the movement she’d seen him she’d imagined what his kiss would be like. The build up had almost had her convinced in her own mind that it could never live up to her expectations. Instead the moment their lips touched she realised her imagination just wasn’t good enough.

She expected him to be hard, possessive, yet his lips were feather light. The soft brush against hers reverberated through her whole body, so her nipples hardened and moisture pooled between her legs. Her arms went around his neck, her body pressing against his and her lips parting, urging his entry. His tongue slipped past them, plundering her wet warmth and she whimpered. The sensations were at once addicting and terrifying. She felt his hands roaming down her back, cupping her ass and pressing it against his rising hardness. Her hands tangled in his hair, as she rose on tiptoe, crushing herself closer when she knew it would never be close enough, not until he was buried deep inside her where he belonged. She froze suddenly.

He didn’t belong with her, and she didn’t belong with him. Okay, this was more explosive than anything she’d ever imagined, but hadn’t she been thinking not five minutes ago how different they were. This could never be anything but a fling and a complication. He pulled back slightly, sensing her withdrawal.

“Shannon? Are you okay?”

She drew in a shaky breath. “I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”

If you want to see some other great excerpts then check out the rest of the stops here

Have a great Saturday x

Valentine’s Free Read – Part 3

Published February 6, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

I’m running a wee bit behind this week, so this should have gone up yesterday – hope you’ll forgive me 🙂 It’s been a bit of a busy week, had my shiny new Jane Austen book club on Tuesday, which was great fun. Have also been getting on with Psychic Shadows and think can see the end in sight – though a bit more torturing for my poor characters before we get there *evil author laugh*.

Anyone, to hopefully make it up to you (and because I was planning on finishing this around Valentine’s Day) this is a slightly longer installment. We left Jess alone and bitter on Valentine’s Day and just having opened a strange bottle from a (possibly) crazy old woman. Things are about to start hotting though – hope you enjoy! As always comments most welcome. Have a good week x

Nothing happened. What were you expecting, dumbass? She told herself crossly, and was just about to put it back down when a single green tendril of smoke slowly, lazily curled out of the top. Jess sat there frozen, as the tendril grew into a thick streamer that rose and circled and formed into a shape in front of her. Her jaw dropped to the floor as the smoke seemed to fill the room, then it slowly dispersed and a figure was stood there. Jessica shrieked, grabbing the closest thing at hand, which happened to be the empty wine bottle and brandishing it like a weapon.

As she actually made out the figure in detail though, her jaw dropped for an entirely different reason. God damn, the man in front of her was hawt! Well, for a possibly psychotic intruder, of course. He was half-naked, was the first thought that penetrated her foggy mind. Black pants hugged his long legs but he wore no top and she was faced with an expanse of bronzed skin over thick muscles, an impressive set of abs and huge arms, one of which had a strange tattoo circling round it. When she managed to drag her frankly drooling gaze upwards, it was to see thick, dark hair, down to his shoulders, framing cheekbones to die for, full lips and odd eyes that looked almost black. Their gaze caught her and she could feel herself drowning, see flickering flames in the glittering depths. She blinked, forcing herself to break the contact and those full lips smiled, sending a curl of desire through her belly.

“Who are you?” She managed to stutter.

“My name is Drakal, and I’m here to give you what you want most.”

Her knees nearly gave out on her. His voice was like chocolate, low and deep and doing funny things to her body. She ought to be screaming, to be kicking him out, but instead she felt like melting into a puddle – or jumping his bones.

He stepped forward, bringing his body within a few inches of hers and she could feel the heat coming off him. He looked down at her, and she felt that odd drowning feeling again. Concentrate!

“What’s that?” She managed, her voice going low and throaty almost against her will.

He smiled, and one hand lightly brushed down her cheek, leaving a trail of fire.

“Jessica, you need to concentrate here. I can do things that you cannot imagine, grant you your heart’s desire, but you must make a choice.”

Jess blinked rapidly, a small semblance of sanity coming back to her.

“What choice? How did you get in my house?”

He impatiently waved a hand. “You saw me appear, you just don’t wish to believe it. You summoned me on Valentine’s Day and therefore you must make a choice, and there is little time.”

Jess sank down onto the couch. Her head was starting to throb. “I don’t feel well.”

He sank to his knees in front of her, cupping her face in his hands and holding her gaze captive. “Concentrate, Jessica. Your choice is this. Either you choose love, and therefore you will be guaranteed to meet your one true love in your lifetime and you will be happy with him.”

Jess closed her eyes a moment. She’d thought she had true love and it had brought her nothing but pain. She simply didn’t believe in it anymore. “Or?” she whispered.

His voice was low. “Or you choose revenge. The man who spurned you will have everything he has done to you return to him tenfold. He will live a life of disappointment and misery and will regret his actions for the rest of his days.”

Her eyes flew open in disbelief. “You can do that?”

“I can do many things, Jessica. But think carefully, your happiness or your lover’s misery?”

Jess thought for a moment, she had no idea if this yummy, half-naked man could do what he said, but if he could then she only believed in one of those options anymore. She met his eyes and her face set. “I want revenge.”

She thought his face actually looked sad, but then it was gone as quickly as it came and he simply nodded. “As you wish.”

Jess frowned — it was that simple, was it? He didn’t seem to be showing any sign of leaving.

“Is that it?” She asked.

He smiled. “Did you expect fireworks?”

“Maybe, I don’t know. I’m half-convinced I’ve passed out from the vodka.” She flushed. “So, are you like, meant to poof back into the bottle now?”

He looked sad. “I will ‘poof’ as you say, back into the bottle when the dawn breaks. Until then I have a few precious hours of freedom.” He paused. “I can spend them elsewhere though if my presence bothers you?”

Jess shook her head. “You’re not bothering me at all, but really you only get a few hours and then you have to go back into that tiny bottle.”

He nodded.

“What’s it like?” She had to ask.

He paused. “It is cold and dark, it is light and heat, it is like being closed in and floating at the same time. It is nothingness and I am trapped there for eternity.”

Jess felt her eyes well up at the pain she heard in his voice, suddenly she felt rather petty for being so obsessed with getting back at her ex.

“I’m so sorry.” She put a hand on his arm.

He looked up, surprised and she felt the warm muscles flex under her fingers. “Why would you be sorry? I am nothing to you.”

Jess shook her head. “I’m still sorry. I can’t imagine how awful that would be. Is there anything I can do?”

He shook his head slowly, but she saw something spark in the deep blackness of his eyes.

“What?” she whispered.

To her surprise she saw colour flush along his cheeks and he abruptly rose and moved away from her.

“I’m sorry. I will find somewhere else to be for the next few hours.”

Jess jumped to her feet, grabbing his arm again. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

He turned back and she saw it this time, the blazing desire stamped across his face. She blinked, and her tongue unconsciously licked her suddenly dry lips.

“You see now, do you?” he said mockingly. “I do not need any more reminders of things I cannot have.”

My Sexy Saturday – 1st Feb 2014

Published February 1, 2014 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Today, I’m blogging with the fab ‘My Sexy Saturday’ hop again. It’s been a busy week, work is coming along with my ‘Psychic Shadows’ novel, so thought would share a wee excerpt with you today.

Shannon, my heroine, is used to being alone, not sharing anything with anyone and relying on no one but herself. David is used to being in charge and having things his own way. As you can imagine, things can get a little rocky between them to start with 🙂 Throw in psychic powers, a police investigation and danger to their lives and the pressure is on! Hope you enjoy x

“Are you done?” His voice was tight.
She glared at him. “I’m just saying, it’s not like you’re exactly perfect you know.”
“I never said I was.”
“Then why the fuck are you so mad at me?”
Blind fury crossed his face. “Because you nearly got yourself fucking killed.”
Shannon gaped at him. “That’s what you’re mad about?”
“I’m not supposed to be mad about the fact that you put yourself in danger, showed a complete disregard for your own safety. What if they had had psychic weapons instead of just guns?”
She simply stared at him, her anger draining away and an odd feeling replacing it. “You were actually worried about me?”
He glared at her. “This is not a laughing matter.”
“I’m not laughing.”
“You’re smiling.”
She was, she suddenly realised. Grinning giddily like some silly schoolgirl. How strange. “You were worried about me.”

Check out the link below for some great excerpts from other authors. Have a great Saturday x

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