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When Sparks Fly – Blog Hop and Giveaway

Published July 5, 2013 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Fireworks over the St. Louis Arch.

This weekend I’m joining in the Blog Hop Spot ‘Sparks will Fly’ blog hop. Lots of great authors, bloggers and etc are involved, many offering great giveaways. If you want to see more check out the full list here

It’s a great theme ‘When Sparks Fly’ – and I think such an integral part of the story for any romance writer. Even if you write sweet romance where it may be strictly to ‘behind closed doors’ then the sparks between two people (or more if you’re so inclined!) are what draw you into the romance, make you feel for the characters, relate to their emotions.

For me it’s often the ‘sparks’ that actually spark the story for me. If you start with an attraction between the characters then you can spiral into a whole story just from that point – how did that first spark happened, are they happy about it, do they want to act on it at first, do they seem compatible in other ways, what is standing between them – and often the most important one – can that first spark build into something more. It’s an exciting journey to go on with your characters or great fun to travel along with someone else’s.

Speaking of sparks,  I promised a giveaway and since I missed posting for the 4th of July or American Independence Day yesterday I’d like to share an excerpt from my submision in the Breathless Press ‘Serviced’ Anthology – since it has a military theme, featuring the servicemen and women who help keep our countries independent and free. But of course you can’t work all the time 🙂

“I should probably go,” he muttered.

She felt a stab of panic, she didn’t want to be alone. In fact, she thought suddenly, eyeing up the tanned chest that was so close to her now, what she needed was a distraction. A really good distraction. In fact, a 6ft,half naked, almost in her bed already, distraction. She reached out her hand and lightly stroked it over his chest, feeling him tense, the muscles clenching under her touch. She met his gaze, seeing desire warring with restraint. Well, one would have to go, she thought, with a half smile.

She leaned forward, bracing her hand on his chest, to lightly brush her lips across his. His lips were soft, warm, she felt him tense as though to pull back and she ran her other hand into the close cropped hair at the back of his head, clutching him to her, her body now pressed against his. She ran her tongue along the seam of his lips, and he groaned.

She felt the exact moment he gave in, when his body relaxed against her, his hand slid round to her back, crushing her closer against him, and his tongue plunged into her mouth. She moaned as their tongues duelled, heat spreading through her body. Christ, he sure as hell could kiss.

You can find Serviced Vol1 on

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Breathless Press

Or leave me a comment below and I’ll choose a winner to receive a free copy at the end of the blog hop (or if you have it already then you can choose another of my titles).

Good luck – and have a fab weekend 🙂

Guest Blog – Raven McAllan

Published July 4, 2013 by shellirosewarne

Hi all,

Today I have Raven McAllan dropping in to say hi and share some of her favourite spots for writing – and making me rather jealous in the process!

Hi Shelli

Having just returned from a great week in France, I thought I’d share my top ten spots for scribing… (in no particular order)

It goes without saying, if the sun is over the yardarm, wine is involved.

1, A bit of a cop out this, but anywhere warm, preferably with a sea view.

2, At sunrise, watching it come over the sea or a mountain, feeling the day heat up, listening to the birds, coffee in hand.

3, Garden/patio at sunset, wine in hand, chill out music playing DH reading and me tapping away…magic

4, Okay now we’ll get more specific… In my study, which overlooks the garden, the track into the forest, and mountains and fields. Preferable not fighting the cats for my chair, though I do love it when they come in and sleep on the settee. It’s even better if it’s the one day a year it’s warm enough to have the patio doors open so I don’t have to keep getting up and down to et the cats in. I think it’s their way of making me take exercise.

5, On a long haul flight, (preferably not in economy,) with a glass of fizz, the lights low, and me cocooned in my own little world. No one to ask me to iron a shirt, or where’s the light bulbs/last weeks newspaper or their brown shoes.

6, On a deck, over the Indian Ocean (nuff said)

7, If it’s winter, snug in front of a log fire, feet up, and wine

8, Casa Colonial Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic (pool side)

9, Patio, in front of suite, next to fabulous lily covered pool at Rothman Manor, Swellendam, South Africa, probably one of my favorite places to write (or visit) in the world.

10, Wherever I happen to be with my mac.

In short, I’m lucky, I can write anywhere, at any time and block out what’s going on around me.

If you want to see the results, you can check them out here

Wow, some of those sound just gorgeous! Well, I hope you’re all feeling inspired – and thanks so much to Raven for sharing.