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Bit of a Catch Up!

Published October 31, 2012 by shellirosewarne

I have been sadly neglecting this blog I’m afraid (I did warn you!) so slapped wrist for me and a bit of a long post to catch up on all my recent news 🙂

After probably boring you all to tears with my nail-biting on the anthology submission, I got an email last week – and it was a yes!! So will be included in a ‘service’ anthology (romances around a military theme) that should be released around March next year. Very exciting – and makes me feel a lot better that the first one wasn’t a complete fluke lol!

I submitted a Fast Track submission to one of the bigger publishers last week. Tbh I’m not going to hold my breath on it as I’m not sure if I’m quite ‘ready’ for that level yet – but since they can normally take 6-8 months to come back to you and this was a guaranteed editor response within a month then I thought it was worth a go. So, have sent in the first chapter and a slightly shaky synposis. I’m not the best synopsis writer in the first place but was made a wee bit harder by the fact that I’m only about 10k words into the story at the moment (they did say it didn’t need to be completed yet) and since I’m a complete pantser it’s a little hard to write a synopsis when you’re not sure yourself how the story is going to end. It’s a romantic suspense, so slightly outside my normal comfort zone, but I’m enjoying it so far and hopefully will get it finished in the next month – which brings me on to my next point!

Nano! Or National Novel Writing Month to be a little more formal. The aim is to start on the 1st of November, finish on the 30th and inbetween that write 50k words. There’s lots of online support, forums, local groups etc with thousands of people all around the world joining in. I’ve been looking at it the last two years but I’ve always made excuses or had too much on. Tbh I probably have too much on this year as well but you can always find excuses for anything so I’m just going to bite the bullet and do it! I’ll be working on the suspense story, and if I get another 50k words on it then that’s it basically finished. At the moment I’m quite excited – I think it will be good for me to try and get into a writing routine, plus there seems to be lots going on in my area – am going to a ‘launch event’ and write in on Saturday with a friend so that should be fun. Of course by the end of the month I will no doubt be frazzled, stressed, on way too much caffeine and my poor other half may be running for cover (sorry hun!)- but I’m assured it’s all part of the experience 🙂

It officially starts tomorrow so wish me luck – and good luck to anyone else (obviously equally as mad) taking part!

The Look Challenge

Published October 14, 2012 by shellirosewarne

I was tagged in the ‘Look Challenge’ over a week ago and it completely slipped my mind – so sorry Aurelia B Rowl, better late then never 🙂 The challenge is to find the first time the word ‘look’ appears in your recent works/wips and paste along with the paragraphs round it. I was very good and didn’t use ‘looking’ or ‘looked’ – which would have been bleeding easier apparently!

1. One of the current WIPs – doesn’t have a name yet as I hate names and never do them until the end 🙂

It was an odd day she thought, looking up the sky, that rare half light through thick clouds that made it seem much later then it was. Would be interesting for a level she thought to herself, her mind starting to tick over with ideas, despite the throbbing in her temples. Deep in thought, it took her a few blocks to notice that someone was walking behind her, she glanced back, two guys, thick jackets with hoods up. That didn’t mean anything she told herself, it was a bit nippy and it had been drizzling earlier, hoods were probably sensible. She picked up her pace a little and was gratified to see they didn’t seem bothered about matching her. See, you’re being paranoid, she told herself. If she was honest she’d been feeling off all day, something about the dreams last night had thrown her more then usual. She would go home, take a hot bath and have an early night. She paused slightly, the next part of her walk took her through a narrow alleyway, glancing back she saw the two men were miles back now but she still had a bad feeling. You’re being ridiculous, she told herself, and forced herself to turn down it, unconsciously picking up her pace. It was the weird light, it made things look a bit creepy.

She was just starting to relax when two dark shapes appeared at the exit of the alleyway, blocking off the sun. Ali shivered, the bad feeling was back and getting worse. She gave into her instincts and turned on her heel to go back the other way, if she was wrong then fine she didn’t care if strangers thought she looked stupid. She froze when she saw two other figures appear at the end she’d just come from. They started towards her, and glancing behind her she saw the other two had done the same. Christ, what was she supposed to do? She backed up against the wall, feeling the cold damp of the bricks on her palms as she tried to keep an eye on both groups.

She’d done self-defence but she didn’t fancy her chances when it was four against one. They’d almost reached her now and she tried to note details, be optimistic she told herself, she would live through this to be able to tell the police afterwards.

2. Serviced Anthology – went in a few weeks ago

Suzanne Kelsey felt her heart stop as she turned onto the gravel driveway of her house and saw the uniformed soldier. He was sat under the shade of the large chestnut in the front garden; the same tree she and Patrick had hung a tyre swing from when they were children. She had been scared of going too high but Patrick was always fearless. Well, look where it had got him, she thought bitterly. There had been no word from him for weeks and she’d know something was wrong. She’d been praying for simply injured but that got a phone call not a personal visit.

She studied the soldier; he was wearing fatigues, clean but slightly worn and his dark blonde hair was cropped close to his head. She’d somehow expected one of the stuffy officers Patrick had introduced her to at parties, with immaculate uniforms and a retired desk job. He was attractive in a rough and ready way, light stubble covered his face but he had a strong jaw, sharp planes to his face that meant he would never be described as anything other then completely masculine.

3. Angel for the Tree – at least this isn’t a ‘currently being edited bit’ :- yet at least 🙂


Laurel stood in the middle of the snowy street. Crowds of people jostled and pushed each other along, yet they parted around her, some glancing over at her with perplexed looks while others looked right through her. She wore a thick winter coat for appearances, but she hadn’t bothered buttoning it. The snow would melt before it touched her anyway. Right now she was frowning as her gaze intently followed the figure of a tall, broad shouldered man making his way through the crowds.

This man parted the crowds in a different way, as though people realized from the set mouth and the loping stride that it was move or be moved. In fact, if someone was too slow to move in time he seemed to relish jostling past them with muttered curses about the “bloody season.” When a group of carollers started singing just ahead of him, the look he shot at them made one of the women actually shriek and draw back.

Laurel followed him, keeping pacing easily down the busy street, and paused as he entered a toy store. She watched through the window seeing that for the first time he looked slightly bemused, inspecting various large dolls, before abruptly shrugging and picking up one with dark curling hair and thick-lashed eyes. He emerged back into the snow, juggling the large package and cursing some more at Santa’s elves from the grotto down the street before stalking through the center to the car park.


Is it bad that I still slightly cringe at seeing centre spelt ‘center’ – I wouldn’t Americanise well I fear!


Published October 11, 2012 by shellirosewarne

I’ve been off for a few days. It was my birthday on Tuesday so had a few lazy days. I’m not going to say how old – or mention the fact that my choir decided to sing Happy Birthday ‘country style’ complete with cowboy actions while my darling other half just had to get it all on film. Nope, that’s not being mentioned at all!

I think birthdays tend to make me quite reflective, the whole ‘another year older’ thing, so what have I achieved over the last year and what do I want to do over the next one? To be honest it has often got me a little down, feeling like I haven’t really done much. This year is feeling much more positive 🙂

It’s quite crazy to think that this time last year I was only just starting to write seriously. I’d finished a Creative Writing course, which had at least inspired me to put pen to paper for the first time in years, but it was the first time I’d started on things that were just ‘for me’ rather then for course assignments. It was quite a scary experience and I had a lot of doubts on whether it would even get finished, never mind be considered readable by anyone else! Since then I’m about halfway into a novel, as well as actually having a shorter story that’s been accepted to be published before the end of the year, another one I’m waiting to hear back on (glances down at the stumps where her fingernails used to be) plus another two WIPs and a couple more rough ideas.

Not too bad for a year 🙂 Of course, it could have been more, but as I suppose most writers do there’s the endless juggle of day job, family, and other commitments to squeeze the writing around. We’ll have to see what this year brings!