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Voices in your head

Published September 26, 2012 by shellirosewarne

I’m always interested in other people’s creative processes. I am always slightly in awe of those writers who can sit down and plan out a whole novel and know where it’s going to go. I’m much more in the  ‘sit down, start scribbling and hope for the best’ camp! Sometimes I might have a vague idea where I think the story should go – though even then it can veer off on a tangent as the characters decide ‘nope, that’s not the way it happens.’

On a side note – I love the fact there’s probably no other job where you can talk about the voices in your head and people not think you’re completely crazy! Well, perhaps they do still think I’m crazy but I now have an excuse for it 🙂 When I’m working on something I’ll hear character voices, ideas, thoughts constantly, they’ll pop up at annoying times, they’ll keep me awake at night, they’ll irritate me beyond belief by deciding to hide/go on holiday on the day I’ve set aside for writing! By the end of a story I’m often in a love/hate relationship with them.

I’ve finished a short story (10k) this week for an anthology, and I think perhaps this process has been emphasised because I’ve had to get it started and finished so quickly, but I finished it Monday night and now my head is feeling rather quiet. There are other WIPs and they are buzzing in the background, but there’s a bit of a gap and I’m slightly missing them. (Hmm, think I may have been a bit too hasty on the ‘not crazy’ label!). Am sure it won’t last long and the next lot will jump to the front and start shouting soon enough 🙂

Anyone else have any similar, not at all crazy, writing quirks? x

Self promotion

Published September 20, 2012 by shellirosewarne

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about self-promotion – having set up this blog and a shiny new facebook page! Being an author, it’s very much about you as the product/brand – there’s no business name to hide behind. I read a rather good blog entry this week on Pen Names and I don’t know if that might make things a little easier by giving you a degree of separation – so you can see your author persona as a different person.

Those who know me will be aware that I’ve never been the most self-confident of people so I find ‘bigging myself up’ rather intimidating. Two different people this week (and they’re very smart people so I need to listen!) have pulled me up on the way I put myself across – things along the lines of ‘would anyone mind please liking my page, I’ll try not to bore you too much’. Hmm, I suppose I can see their point! I think there’s a tendency to worry that you’re being arrogant or big-headed by considering yourself and your work to be good – but surely there’s a difference between that and having a bit of self-belief. After all, if you don’t belief in yourself that it’s highly doubtful anyone else will!

This contract has given me a bit of a boost in that respect. The thought that someone else does think my work is readable, even sellable, is something that I wouldn’t have thought would happen for quite a while yet. So, you may all feel free to kick me if I start putting myself down again (not too hard mind!) and I shall try harder to be more positive and have a wee bit more belief 🙂

My first ever post – and my rather exciting news!

Published September 17, 2012 by shellirosewarne

Now I must admit I have been putting off starting a blog for a while as I wasn’t sure whether anyone would be particularly interested in my random ramblings, but since things are starting to get rather exciting (from my point of view anyway!) I thought I would share my experiences.

Many of you may not even have realised I write, I have kept it a little quiet as previously I have tended to get the response that while it might be a fun ‘hobby’ it’s not going to pay the bills. Well, whether it does or not remains to be seen but I’m finally managing to get over my issues with calling myself a writer – I write, therefore I’m a writer.

Still, it can be a rather lonely profession and while you may love your own characters then you do wonder whether anyone else ever will. Now we come to the exciting bit (sorry, to take the long way round!), several months ago I submitted a short 20k story to a Christmas call-out with Breathless Press and the week before last they came back and offered me a contract! Opening that email at work was probably a bad idea as was alternating between wanting to burst into tears and to jump around the office. Since then it’s been feeling a little surreal getting emails with contracts to be signed and cover art requests and it’s not really felt quite real.

Well, this morning I got the first draft of my new cover (will share you soon, I promise) and not only is it fantastic it made it seem so much more real to see my name on there. I will admit I was a little worried, I’m actually really fussy with what kind of covers I like and had images of me turning into a horrible diva author and hating it – but they’ve done a wonderful job and it’s made me even more excited about seeing it come out.

Anyway, this short opening post has started to get rather long! Hopefully haven’t bored you all to death and you come back soon 🙂